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School Ethics Commission Meeting Dates


Please be advised that, until further notice, anyone wishing to file a complaint with, or to request an advisory opinion from, the School Ethics Commission must submit an electronic copy of the filing to in addition to mailing a hard copy. Thank you for your patience and assistance during this time.

Meeting Dates 2023

January 24 Cancelled 
January 31 Special Meeting (Agenda|Minutes)
February 21 (Agenda|Minutes)
March 21 (Agenda|Minutes)
April 25 (Agenda|Minutes)
May 23 (Agenda|Minutes)
June 27 (Agenda|Minutes)
July 25 (Agenda|Minutes
August 22 (Agenda |)
September 26 (Agenda |)

Please note: The School Ethics Commission (Commission) meetings have returned to in-person. The Commission will not be accepting public comments/statements via conference call. 

October 17 
November 28 
December 19                                                                           


Meeting Dates 2022

January 25 (Agenda| Minutes)
February 4 Special Meeting * Please note the 8:30 a.m. start time (Agenda|Minutes)
February 22 Cancelled
February 25 Special Meeting (Agenda|Minutes)
March 22 (Agenda|Minutes
April 26 (Agenda|Minutes)
May 24 (Agenda|Minutes)
June 28 (Agenda|Minutes)
July 26  (Agendal Minutes)  **Please note the extended Executive session and later return to Public session.
August 23 (Agenda|Minutes)
September 14 Special Meeting (Agenda|Minutes)
September 27 Cancelled
October 17 Special Meeting (Agenda Minutes) 
October 25 Cancelled                                                                                 
November 22 (Agenda|Minutes)
December 20 (Agenda|Minutes) 

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