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Project Application Information

  • Educational Specifications Guidelines (PDF)
    Project application V 2.4.9 (last update – 03.10.17) - PLEASE NOTE: RIGHT CLICK the files and download to your computer before opening. DO NOT open files directly from the website!

  • Project Application Directions for version 2.4 (and future versions) - updated 01/29/2016 (PDF)

  • Project Application Version (2.8db.03.02.2020) (MS Excel .xlsb Spreadsheet)

    Note: If a project application has been submitted to the Department using a project application version earlier than the current version available, AND a PEC has been issued for that project, you may continue using that version, otherwise, the current version found on this page MUST be utilized.

    All requests for project numbers MUST indicate the County/District in the "Subject" line of your email.

Email questions or comments to

Electronic application submissions must be updated when the hard copy submission is sent and they must match the paper copy, as the review is based on the ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION.

Important Notice:

This notice is a clarification to the project application process to allow the Office of School Facilities Project to properly track any project applications seeking funding under the “Securing our Children’s Future Bond Act”, P.L.2018, C. 119.

Please refer to the Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act Preliminary Guidelines on the Office of School Facilities web page at  for additional information on project applications. Please refer to the following section in the appropriate guideline document.

  • Security – section 4.8
  • Water Infrastructure – section 4.6
  • Careen and Technical Education – section 4.5

This notice only applies to project applications. This is NOT the grant application, that will be covered under a separate process.

  1. All project applications seeking funding under the “Securing our Children’s Future Bond Act”, P.L.2018, C. 119 approved by the voters on November 6, 2018 shall include only the following information on the “Welcome 001” tab, section “10. Brief description of project” in the project application. A detailed scope of work can be provided in section 11.


  2. Please DO NOT blend multiple scopes of work into one project application seeking funding under the Bond Act. Please submit only one project per school for security, water infrastructure or CTE. Work not eligible for bond funding must be submitted in a separate project application.

  3. Previously submitted project applications seeking funding under the Bond Act must be revised as instructed in section 1 and 2 above.

  4. As previously noted, effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020, all submissions to the DOE Office of School Facilities must be made electronically via email through . All project schematic or final drawings must be submitted as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. All other documents can be submitted in their native format (Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, etc.).

  5. Please cc: or send via a separate email, the DOE manager responsible for reviewing the project (found on the project application) when submitting documents, so that they are aware the project has been submitted. If you do not know the reviewer responsible, please request the reviewer information in an email BEFORE submitting the project.

  6. All other questions regarding the Bond Act should be directed to

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