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Middle School

The Middle School serves children in grades five through eight. The Middle School curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Learning Standards and all students, regardless of abilities, are instructed and engaged with the Standards.

The goal of the Middle School is to provide the students with a challenging curriculum in an environment that meets their social, emotional, and cultural needs while preparing them for their high school experience. 

Students receive the traditional academic offerings of Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health, with multiple periods of English & Writing.  Students also attend classes in ASL Literacy, Technology, Practical Living Skills and Visual and Performing Arts. Our bilingual philosophy of English and American SIgn Language in instruction exposes our students to all aspects of learning through both the visual and auditory learning channels.

Special programming is available to students with multiple disabilities.  All classes are taught by certified instructors who have special training in working with Deaf students and multiple disabilities. This program meets the distinctive needs of students by providing individualized instruction through direct communication and a low student to adult ratio.

Speech and Language therapy, audiological services, and adaptive physical education are offered as related services.  A Behavior Management Consultant is available for consultation to students and parents.

The transition from elementary to middle school can be stressful for students.  Meeting the social and emotional needs of the young adolescent is a core component of our Middle School philosophy.  Students have the opportunity to meet regularly with a counselor, individually or in a small group. These sessions focus on the development of interpersonal relationships and appropriate social skills.

The provision of a late bus by school districts allows our day students an opportunity to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.  The Educational Resource Center, sports, Student Government, Girl Scouts, storytelling, assemblies and field trips provide students with additional learning opportunities.

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