New Jersey Department of Education


The Marie H. Katzenbach School for the Deaf is committed to creating a positive learning environment where students are academically and socially successful.  To meet this commitment, we have established a universal set of core values for our campus: Respect, Responsibility and Kindness (R2K). To foster these values, adults at MKSD will help students actively learn how to make appropriate behavioral choices by:

  • clearly defining and communicating what is expected of students
  • explicitly teaching behavioral expectations and using proactive strategies to prompt appropriate behaviors
  • providing students with positive feedback for following expectations
  • recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors using frequent reinforcement, individual incentives and fun activities

Goals of R2K

  1. Increase instructional time
  2. Decrease referrals to the office
  3. Decrease suspensions for all students
  4. Provide quicker and more effective support to students engaging in repeated behavior problems

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