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New Jersey Partnership for Student Success (NJPSS)

NJPSS is a system of supports and programs for students and educators to be used at the local level to meet the specific needs of each district. These are not one-size-fits-all strategies. The supports and programs are designed to be tailored and molded to provide the necessary supports to assist students and educators as they move forward. Every student, every educator, and every district are different, with unique needs. However, NJPSS cannot be limited to top-down supports and strategies. It is truly a locally determined and driven model that incorporates robust partnerships at its core.

The New Jersey Department of Education remains at the ready to assist you with the coordination and organization that brings together various groups throughout the community to provide services and supports to our students, educators and schools. 


New Jersey Partnerships for Student Success


Interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to fill out this form to find out more information about ways to get involved.

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Page Last Updated: 12/01/2022

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