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2008-09 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year

Jeanne Muzi

County: Mercer
School/District: Ben Franklin School - Lawrenceville
Grade Level: 1st
Teaches: Elementary

 Jeanne is currently the Elementary Enrichment Specialist/K-3 Gifted Education Teacher at Lawrence Township Public Schools in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Her focus is project based learning and helping students develop creative problem solving skills. Jeanne was a 2015 NOAA Teacher at Sea, Smithsonian Teaching Ambassador, Quest Program Advisor and Teacher in the US-Taiwan Eco-Campus Partnership, a program of the National Wildlife Federation. Jeanne holds a Masters degree in Reading and Literacy and taught first grade for over ten years. She has served on many education committees and panels, and has presented at local, state and regional conferences on literacy, higher order questioning, cultivating creativity, engagement techniques, and technology integration.

 Jeanne Muzi




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