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Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rates

New Jersey introduced the adjusted cohort graduation rate calculation in 2011 to align with federal requirements. All states are required to use adjusted cohort graduation rate methodology so that rates can be compared across states.

Districts annually submit graduation data in NJ SMART SID Management by August 31. NJDOE currently calculates and reports on both four-year and five-year adjusted cohort graduation rates in the School Performance Reports and both rates are included in New Jersey’s ESSA state plan. For information about graduation requirements, see the NJDOE course requirements and graduation assessment requirements.


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Postsecondary Enrollment

The New Jersey Department of Education currently receives annual data from the National Student Clearinghouse, which collects data from at least 95% of higher education institutions nationwide. This data shows whether New Jersey graduates are enrolling in two-year or four-year institutions, in-state or out-of-state, or in public or private institutions. 

NJDOE reports on postsecondary enrollment in the School Performance Reports.

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