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High School Mathematics Course Frameworks and Content Emphases

This webpage lists the 2023 New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics (NJSLS-M) recommended to comprise the Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 courses. It also identifies cluster-level content emphasis — where students and teachers should spend more time, relative to other clusters, in order to meet the expectations of the 2023 NJSLS-M.

In the tables that follow, the numerals in the “Standard Number” column identify the individual content standards recommended to be included in the course in whole or in part. Numerals marked with an asterisk (*) in the “Standard Number” column indicate standards included in two or more high school courses. For more detailed information, see the Limits and Clarifications for Multi-Course Standards guidance document in the Related Resources section.

Some clusters of standards were written to require greater emphasis than others. This varied emphasis is based on the depth of the mathematical ideas in the cluster, the time that they take to master, and/or their importance to future mathematics or the demands of college and career readiness. More time in these particular areas is also necessary for students to meet the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Therefore, not all content in a given grade is emphasized equally in the standards.

To say that some things have greater emphasis is not to say that anything in the Standards can be neglected or omitted in instruction. Neglecting material will leave gaps in student skill and understanding and may leave students unprepared for the challenges of a later grade.

Students should spend the majority of their time on the major work of the grade (M). Supporting work (S) and, where appropriate, additional work (A) can engage students in the major work of the grade.

Page Last Updated: 03/25/2024

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