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Electronic filing of Financial Disclosure Statements ("FDS") is mandatory for all filers.

FDSs are available on our website. The forms are fillable PDFs that can be saved with Version 8.0 or higher of the free Adobe Reader program, available at

In order to file your FDS electronically, you will first need to obtain an authentication code from the Commission's website. Click on "Financial Disclosure", then "Authentication Code Request." After you submit the request form, you will receive your authentication code at the email address provided. State employees must provide their State email addresses.

Once you have provided all of the required information on your FDS, complete the remainder of the Attestation page as follows:

Enter your 36 character code in the yellow authentication code box. Please include the hyphens between each of the groups of characters (8 characters, hyphen, 4 characters, hyphen, 4 characters, hyphen, 4 characters, hyphen and 12 characters). In order to reduce the possibility of error, we suggest that you copy and paste the authentication code from the email message in which you received it. Go to the email message, highlight the authentication code and click ctrl + C; return to the financial disclosure statement and click ctrl + V.

Enter your full name in the yellow box.

Click the appropriate box to indicate who prepared the FDS.

Save a copy of the completed PDF for your records.

Click the blue "Submit" button. You must have an active internet connection to complete your submission.

A page will appear indicating the date and time of your submission. You may print this for your records. You will also receive an email confirmation that your filing has been received.


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Last updated January 8th, 2021