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  • A

    Adoption records



    a. Employment

    b. Film, commercials, music videos

    c. Insurance license

    d. Parking spaces


    a. General

    a. Calculations
    b. Worksheets


    a. Billing records

    b. Fees

    c. Financial disclosure forms

    d. General records

    e. Legal correspondence

    f. Number employed by township

    Attorney General

    a. Defense and Identification of State employees



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  • B

    Bank statements


    a. Scoring sheet


    a. Cell phone

    b. General

    c. Telephone

    Board of Education

    a. Bank checks


    a. General

    b. Ordinances

    Business Proposals

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  • C

    Cancelled checks

    Certificate of debt

    Certificate of Occupancy


    a. Name of


    a. Building improvement cost estimates

    b. General


    a. Employment

    b. General

    Consultant report


    a. E-mail

    b. General

    c. Memoranda


    a. Administrative Office of; Municipal; Superior

        i. Application for witness

        ii. Automated case management

        iii. Complaints

        iv. Fees

        v. Judge’s calendar

        vi. Motion for jail credit

        vii. Motion for withdrawal

        viii. Personnel discretion

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  • D




    Death certificate


    Debit card transaction receipts




    Department of Agriculture

    a. Certificates

    b. Forms

    c. Inspection reports

    d. Lists


    Department of Community Affairs


    Department of Corrections

    a. Conference attendee information

    b. Correspondence

    c. Credits

    d. Disciplinary record

    e. General

    f. Investigation

    g. Medical records

    h. Policies

    i.  Security Threat/Group Affliations Form

    j. Video


    Department of Education


    Department of Health

    a. Consultations
    b. Evaluations
    c. Findings
    d. Inspection reports


    Department of Human Services

    a. Incident reports


    Department of Law and Public Safety

    a. Applications

    b. Appraisal reports

    c. Roster


    Department of Treasury – Division of Taxation

    a. Investigation and determination report


    Digital format

    a. Accounting system records

    b. Deeds

    c. Mortgages



    a. Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control

    b. Complaints

    c. Correspondence

    d. Inquires

    e. Reports


    Division of Criminal Justice

    a. Applications

    b. Complaints

    c. Criminal investigation

    d. Roster


    Division of Development Disabilities

    a. Incident reports

    Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS)
    a. Case Record


    Division of Youth and Family Services

    a. Correspondence

    b. Field manual

    c. Policy and procedures manual

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  • E
    Emergency Management Plan
    Employee Handbook


    a. Reports
    b. 911 tape

    Ethics code Expenditures a. Drink b. Food c. Lodging
    d. Transportation
    e. Travel

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  • F
    a. Log
    b. Receipt

    Financial disclosure forms

    Financial report

    Fire safety report


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  • G

    Gas users list

    Geographic information system


    a. Entire daily schedule
    b. Review of agency minutes

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  • H
    Handwritten notes
    Healthcare benefits
    a. Cost
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  • I

    Insurance records

    Investigation report
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  • J
    Judicial oath of office

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  • L
    a. Docket number
    b. County
    c. Plaintiff's name

    Legal description on deed or survey

    a. Business
    b. Drivers
    c. Dog


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  • M


    a. Plan
    b. Study

    Medical records


    a. Executive/closed session; Open

        i. Agenda

        ii. Audiotape

        iii. CD

        iv. Correspondence

        v. Handwritten notes

        vi. Minutes

        vii. Notice

        viii. Petition

        ix. Resolution

        x. Transcript

        xi. Video


    Municipal boundary lines

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  • N


    a. Person who made a telephone call

    b. Township engineer

    c. Township committee who gave approval

    New Jersey Assembly

    New Jersey Board of Social Work Examiners

    a. List

        i. Board approved therapists

        ii. People and agencies/organizations receiving “Amended Verified Complaint”

    New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance

    a. Interest payments

    New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

    a. Victim

        i. Address

        ii. Incident report

        iii. Name

    b. Name of inspecting engineer

    New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs

    a. Complaints

    b. Correspondence

    New Jersey Division of Local Government Services

    New Jersey Legislative Services

    New Jersey Parole Board

    a. Eligibility

    b. Final decision

        i. Mental health/substance abuse reports

    c. Recommendation

    d. Transcript

    New Jersey Professional Management Study

    a. Drafts

    b. Additions

    c. Changes

    d. Purchase orders

    New Jersey Senate Democratic Office

    New Jersey State Library

    Newspaper advertisement

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  • O
    Office of Housing Inspectors
    a. Complaint

    Office of Insurance Fraud

    a. Prosecutor case

    OPRA request form


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  • P

    Parking spaces

    a. Handicap

    b. Loading


    Personal identifying records

    a. General

    Personnel records

    a. Attendance

    b. Compensation

    c. Employees

    d. Employee file

    e. Employment contracts

    f. Experience

    g. Files

    h. Harassment complaint

    i. Health benefits

    j. Leaves of absence

    k. Letter of resignation

    l. Managerial equity

    m. Names

    n. Outside work cards

    o. Overtime
    p. Paid days off

    q. Payroll information

    r. Personal financial disclosure

    s. Raises

    t. Rank

        i. Clerical titles

        ii. Certifications

    u. Retirement

        i. Early retirement calculations

    v. Salaries

    w. Salary grade structure

    x. Staff position requests/evaluation forms

    y. Termination records

    z. Title

    aa. Union correspondence

    bb. Unpaid outside jobs

    cc. Vehicle assessment sheets


    Planning board

    a. Site plan

    b. Minutes

    c. Audiotape


    a. Municipal; State; University

      i.    911 Tapes

      ii.   Autopsy
      iii.   Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
      iv.   Budget

      v.   Complaints

               1. Criminal

               2. General

               3. Victim

      vi.   Computer access
      vii.  Coroner's report

      viii.  Correspondence

               1. General

               2. Letters

               3. Memos

      ix.   Criminal record

      x.    Database

      xi.   Force forms

      xii.   Logs

               1. Call logs

      xiii.   Megan’s Law documents

      xiv.   Minutes

      xv.    Motor vehicle record

      xvi.   Moving violations

      xvii.  Personnel records

               1. Internal reprimands

               2. Names

               3. Titles

               4. Transfers

      xviii.  Photo

      xix.   Policies and procedures

      xx.    Radio transmissions

      xxi.   Reports

               1. Investigation

                  a. Minor

                  b. Internal Affairs

               2. General

               3. Arrest

               4. Incident

               5. Criminal Intelligence

               6. Operations

               7. Blood alcohol concentration

      xxii.  Spending

               1. Budgets

               2. Operating costs

               3. Overtime spending

               4. Purchase orders

      xxiii.  Summons

      xxiv.  Tickets issued
      xxv.   Toxicology tests

      xxvi.  Training records

               1. Emergency medical service

               2. Firearms

               3. Vehicle pursuit

      xxvii. Warrant

      xxviii. Weapons

               1. Sale

               2. Trade-In

    a. Discipline
    b. Discrimination
    c. Harassment
    d. Termination

    Press releases

    Property appraisals

    Protective custody documents

    Public spending records

    Publicity photos

    Purchase orders
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  • R

    Real Estate

    a. General information

    Regional Traffic Study Group

    a. Minutes


    a. Budget

    b. Environmental commission

    c. General

    d. Hiring

    e. Malpractice investigation

    Restriction list



    RSIS standards

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  • S

    School records

    a. Higher education; Primary/secondary education

        i. Administrators

            1. Credentials

            2. Resumes

        ii. Admissions file

        iii. Billing statements

        iv. Comparison test scores

        v. Gifted and Talented Program criteria

        vi. Gross income statements
        vii. Nurses
            1. Complaints
            2. Education
            3. Medical background 

        viii. Payments to law firms

        ix. Policies

        x. Projects

            1. General

        xi. Research papers

        xii. Survey responses

        xiii. Tax forms

        xiv. Teacher recommendations

        xv. Test scores

        xvi. Transportation

            1. Accident damage reports

            2. Certification of repairs

            3. Drivers

            4. Maintenance

            5. Mirror system adjustment record

            6. Oil change report

            7. State inspection

        xvii. Video


    a. Hookup

    b. Test results

    Sheet of questions

    Sheriff’s records

    a. Budgets

    Site plan


    Superior Court of New Jersey

    a. Judge’s calendar

    Surrogate records

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  • T


    a. Appeals

    b. Exempt statements and questionnaires

    c. Exemptions

    d. Judgments

    e. Refunds


    Telephone Records

    a. Cellular numbers
    Tenure Charges


    Tort claim


    Turnstile numbers

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  • V
    a. Accidents
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