The New Jersey Hospital Performance Report

Know Your NJ Hospital: The Hospital Performance Report

The point of seeking care at a hospital is to get well. That may seem obvious, but it’s a fact that sometimes gets lost in discussions over the availability of “quality” health care.

That’s why, when the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) refers to “quality” health care, it doesn’t consider factors such as a facility’s waiting room times or the politeness of its staff. These affect customer satisfaction and a patient’s experience, of course, but we think it’s most important to focus on clinical quality: how good is a facility at making its patients well? We hope to help you answer that question with our Hospital Performance Report.

The Hospital Performance Report includes clinical performance data collected by all the acute care hospitals in our state. The data includes information about how often hospitals have treated patients with particular conditions and how well those patients recovered from those conditions.

 Hospital Performance Report

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Last Reviewed: 12/6/2017