Healthy New Jersey

Healthy New Jersey

Phase II Recruitment

Phase II team member recruitment is now closed.  Thank you for your interest.

We are seeking new HNJ2030 team members as we enter Phase II of development.

Phase I consisted of establishing the framework and topic areas of HNJ2030.

Phase II will involve

  • creating action plans,
  • researching and coordinating with plans already in place,
  • establishing measurable objectives, and
  • setting target values for those objectives.

New members are needed for both the Advisory Council and Topic Area Action Teams.  Members can serve on one or the other but not both.  The main differences between the two groups are:

Advisory Council
Action Teams
  • Members advise: read, review, recommend, etc.
  • Members act: write, research, implement, etc.
  • Members should have broad knowledge and experience across multiple health topics.
  • Members should be experts in a particular field or aspect of public health.
  • There is one Advisory Council.
  • There are multiple Action Teams.


The Phase II Recruitment period will run from August 30 - September 30, 2021.

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