Healthy New Jersey

Healthy New Jersey

Public health policy has a profound impact on health status, and refers to the plans, initiatives, actions, and decisions made to develop and achieve sustainable local and state health targets and goals.

Public health policy is not limited to policies that directly impact the health services that an individual receives, but encompasses a large variety of policy spheres, including economic, environmental, education, labor, transportation, and others that affect individual conditions (social determinants of health).

To support public health policymaking and the creation of informed policies, Healthy New Jersey 2030 (HNJ2030) incorporates a diverse range of voices into all aspects of its development - subject matter experts, public employees, local and state policymakers, community members, private and nonprofit organizations, and other community stakeholders.  By doing so, HNJ2030 can support a more inclusive, sustainable process to identifying key areas for policy change and improvement that better addresses the public health priorities of all New Jersey residents.


Topic Area Action Teams are discussing policy in the context of their health topic.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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