Community Support Services (CSS)

Community Support Services (CSS) consist of mental health rehabilitation services and supports necessary to assist consumers in achieving the goals identified in their individualized rehabilitation plans. These include:

  • achieving and maintaining valued life roles in the social, employment, educational and/or housing domains
  • restoring a consumer’s level of functioning to that which allows community integration
  • remaining in an independent living setting of his/her choosing


CSS Power Point Presentations
These presentations provide an overview of CSS and highlight important aspect of CSS documentation
Feb 2017 CSS Documentation Webinar
Jan 2017 Community Support Services(CSS) Presentation

Rutgers SHP CSS Website
This website includes the power point presentations and hand-outs that have been used during the CSS trainings provided by Rutgers SHP.

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The NJ State Plan Amendment
The State Plan Amendment (SPA) describes CSS and outlines both consumer and provider participation
criteria.  It also summarizes the basis of reimbursement, specifically the method
used to determine the fixed fee-for-service rates.
New Jersey CSS SPA

10:37B Community Support Services Regulations
These regulations outline the required standards for providers of CSS for adults with serious mental illness in the State of New Jersey.
NJAC 10:37B Community Support Services for Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses

Community Support Services Eligibility Criteria Checklist
This checklist outlines the CSS consumer eligibility criteria, more specifically, the criteria for establishing a severe mental health need, as that term is defined at N.J.A.C. 10:37B.
Consumer CSS Participation Criteria Checklist

CSS Monitoring Tool
The monitoring tool can be used to ensure agency compliance with CSS regulations. It also contains a checklist that can be used to assist with claims submitted to Medicaid.
CSS Monitor Tool with Regs

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Community Support Services Enrollment Form
The enrollment form must be submitted to the Interim Management Entity (IME) for all CSS consumers.
Community Support Services Enrollment Form

Community Support Services Fax Cover Sheet
The fax cover sheet must be used when providing a submission to the Interim Management Entity (IME). Each submission to the IME must be separate and accompanied by a separate fax coversheet.
Community Support Services Fax to IME Sheet

Preliminary and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Needs Assessment (PRNA & CRNA)
The rehabilitation needs assessment is a template that provider agencies may use to gather all information required to determine a consumer’s individual strengths, preferences, needs, abilities, psychiatric symptoms, medical history, and functional limitations.
PRNA and CRNA Template

Individualized Rehabilitation Plan (PIRP & IRP) Template
The individualized rehabilitation plan template, whether for PIRP or IRP, is a DMHAS form that all CSS providers must use to outline a consumer’s goal(s).
CSS Blank IRP Form

Individual Rehabilitation Plan Modification Form
This form must be submitted to the IME when modifications are made to the IRP.
CSS IRP Modification Form
CSS IRP Modification Form - Changing Funding Source

Individualized Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) Sample #1
This completed IRP provides an example of how to outline a consumer’s chosen goals, objectives, and provider interventions.
Final Sample IRP for Webinar

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Last Reviewed: 11/8/2017