For Public Health Professionals

About the Office of Local Public Health

The Office of Local Public Health (OLPH) works to strengthen New Jersey’s local public health system and improve the performance and practice of local health departments.  We do this by:

Health Officer Orientation Packet (HOOP)

  • HOOP - A compendium of administrative resources for newly appointed health officers, seasoned health officers, and local public health employees in leadership or managerial positions.

For Local Health Departments

General Resources

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Data/Statistics Resources

New Jersey Local Information Network and Communications System (NJLINCS)

NJLINCS is a system of public health professionals and electronic public health information that enhances the identification and containment of diseases and hazardous conditions that threaten the public's health. LINCS is a network of 21 strategically positioned local health departments located throughout the state, the New Jersey Department of Health , all other local health departments and public/private organizations.

Health Officer and Registered Environmental Health Specialist Duplicate License Payment

Last Reviewed: 12/2/2022