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The Rutgers CSHP site for the iPHD Project includes information on the governing board, project policies and guidelines, and meeting information.

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Integrated Population Health Data (iPHD)

The New Jersey Integrated Population Health Data (iPHD) Project is designed to enable and promote population health research that leads to improvements in the health, safety, security, and well-being of New Jersey residents as well as improvements in the cost-efficiency of government programs. Enacted through legislation in 2016, the overarching concept of the iPHD is that government programmatic data are much more informative in identifying population health trends when they are linked across different service areas (e.g., health, social services) than when they remain in isolation from one another.

Under the direction of a ten-member governing board, in, but not of, the New Jersey Department of Health, the iPHD project is operated by Rutgers Center for State Health Policy.

Last Reviewed: 1/15/2019