Handle Data With Care

We all have a responsibility and duty to the citizens and stakeholders of New Jersey to steward and safeguard the data and information we use to fulfil the State’s mission, to which we have been entrusted.

As we have access to many communication and social media tools to help us execute our work, and to promote a culture of greater data awareness, we must consider the data we’re using and distributing internally and external of NJOIT.

Every person, every day needs to ask themselves these questions before they release or distribute any State data or information:

Do you know what type of data you have?


Data that is required by Law or Statue to be published.


Data that is required by Law or Statue to not be published.


Data the distribution of which is restricted by choice by a business or an individual.


Data that may be published without any restrictions.

Do you know how the data should be handled?
The levels of access, handling and security will differ for each data type. So you must ask yourself:

  • Are you authorized to handle or use this data?
  • Do you have permission to distribute it?
  • Is your target authorized to view or use the data?
  • Do you need to restrict your audience?
  • Is the distribution venue appropriate for this data?
  • Does it need to be more secure?
  • Does this distribution support the data’s intended purpose?
  • Are you providing too much information or data that is not appropriate for or relevant to the task?

More information on our data policies

   Data is everyone’s responsibility