Proper Training is the best defense against motorcycle accidents.

For questions on motorcycle safety training and the courses described on this website, please contact one of the NJ training providers. Please note that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is not itself a training provider. If you wish to speak with a RiderCoach, you will need to contact one the training providers.

For questions regarding this website or the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s role in promoting motorcycle safety education, please contact:

New Jersey Motorcycle Safety Program

P.O. Box 131
Trenton, New Jersey 08666
Phone: (609) 633-9308
Fax: (609) 341-5784

See answers regarding licensing of motorcycles and motorcyclists in the State of New Jersey.

Self-paced learning
On the range students are coached learn at their level and grow at their own pace. There’s no competition – you can focus completely on your own learning experience.
Use the ERC as a refresher
Experienced riders use their own motorcycles for the half-day ERC. Many take it as a refresher course, to sharpen their physical and mental driving skills.