2012 New Jersey State Hazard Mitigation Plan


Chapters File Type File Size
Section 1 - Table of Contents [pdf] 194kb
Section 2 - Executive Summary [pdf] 368kb
Section 3 - Planning Process [pdf] 329kb
Section 4 - Risk Assessment [pdf] 7.36mb
Section 5 - Mitigation Strategy [pdf] 922kb
Section 6 - Coordinating Local Planning [pdf] 617kb
Section 7 - Plan Maintenance [pdf] 110kb
Section 8 - Approval and Adoption [pdf] 70kb


Appendicies File Type File Size
A - Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 Legislation [pdf] 158kb
B - FEMA Final Rule Related to Mitigation Planning [pdf] 132kb
C - Executive Order #115 [pdf] 78kb
D - Descriptions Of Recent NJ Disasters [pdf] 207kb
E - Background About The State Of New Jersey [pdf] 3.06mb
F - NFIP Info Including Policies, RL & SRL Info [pdf] 8.75mb
G - NJ Severe Repetitive Loss Mitigation Strategy [pdf] 796kb
H - FEMA Mitigation Grant Program Fact Sheet [pdf] 63kb
I - DFIRM and Q3 Maps for all NJ Counties web page  
J - Maps of HAZUS Critical Facilities Statewide web page  
K - Statewide Dollar Exposure by Land Use Type web page  
L - Graphics of NJ Census Data    
M - Area & % of NJ Counties in FEMA A, VE and V Flood Zones    
N - Other Federal Funding Assistance [pdf] 91kb
O - Reserved [pdf] 22kb
P - Summary Loss Data on Six Recent NJ Disasters [pdf] 43kb
Q - Plan Adoption Document [pdf] 86kb
R - Local Emergency Management Coordinators [pdf] 67kb
S - Guide for Local Hazard Mitigation Initiatives [pdf] 76kb
T - NJ Open Space Program Funding [pdf] 110kb
U - NJ State Mitigation Policies, Programs & Capabilities [pdf] 170kb
V - Summary of Emergency Management Laws, Executive Orders & Legal Opinions [pdf] 42kb
W - Landslide Susceptibility Maps for Seven Counties web page  
X - Mitigation Handouts and Fact Sheets [pdf] 5.26mb