Protecting Our Environment

Skimmer Vessel

It's no secret the Passaic River has been the subject of massive pollution for many years. Two centuries of industrial dumping is buried in layers of silt and muck at the bottom of the river. While the river faces one of the most challenging and expensive environmental cleanups in United States history to remove chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals at the bottom, PVSC believes it can make a difference at the top.


Our skimmer vessel travels up and down the lower Passaic, collecting debris and trash using a conveyor belt on the front of the vessel. The materials travel up the conveyor and are then collected and stored onboard until offloaded at a dock in North Arlington. The Skimmer vessel crew’s efforts were featured in an video in 2017. Click here to access:


S.V. Newark Bay

Commissioned July 14, 1999

The 50 foot skimmer vessel is a United Marine International, Marine Trash Skimmer, Model MS16-12000B.


Length: 50'
Width: 11' 11"
Draft Empty: 17"
Draft Maximum Load: 26"
Load Capacity: 700 ft3 or 12,000 lbs (whichever occurs first)
Engine: Diesel power plant with 175 hp at 2,500 rpm
Mission Statement: To remove floatable debris and driftwood from the Newark Bay.