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Grant Opportunities for Organizations

Chief among the many programs and services of the Council is its Organizational Grant Program. Through this multifaceted package of matching grants informed by the needs of the field, the Council assists eligible organizations in fulfilling our intersecting missions of service to the people of New Jersey through the arts.

To be eligible organizations must:

  • Have an arts mission for the organization, program or project
  • Be incorporated in New Jersey as a nonprofit organization, be a college or university, or a unit of government
  • Have tax exempt status with the IRS
  • Be in existence for at least two years with a two-year track record of public programming or services
  • Have an active governing board
  • Serve audiences in a multi-county region of the state. Organizations or projects that serve audiences primarily within the boundaries of a single county are directed to apply to their respective County Arts Agency, which annually receive Arts Council funding for support of local arts programs.

Current FY16 Grants Available
Guidelines and applications are available in the following grant categories for Fiscal Year 2016. Please read specific eligibility criteria carefully.

Arts Project Support (APS)

The application deadline has passed. Please check back for information about future grants.

Support for single arts events, such as a concert, theatre production, exhibition or dance performance. Organizations currently receiving General Operating Support (GOS) or General Program Support (GPS) are not permitted to also apply for APS grants except in Folk Arts.

Arts Education Special Initiative (AESI)

The application deadline has passed. Please check back for information about future grants.

Support for new or expanded arts education projects that make substantial contributions to quality arts education in New Jersey public, public charter, private, parochial schools grades Pre-K through 12. This grant category is limited to organizations currently receiving General Operating Support (GOS) or General Program Support (GPS) in any category other than Arts Basic to Education (ABE).

Projects Serving Artists (PSA)

The application deadline has passed. Please check back for information about future grants.

Support for projects through which the primary beneficiaries are artists who reside in New Jersey and whose work has or will benefit New Jersey residents. This category addresses the Council’s priority to support New Jersey artists and their work and to encourage New Jersey’s arts organizations and other non-profits to work with, serve the needs of, and present works by the state’s artists.

Guidelines and Applications

FY16 Grant Funding Guidelines – Overview

So that you may be fully informed, please be sure to read the entire Funding Guidelines document before selecting a grant category below.

Supporting Documents
Other Council Funding Programs
General Operating Support (GOS)
The next three-year cycle begins in FY17.
Awarded to New Jersey based, nonprofit, arts-missioned organizations to help underwrite the expense of their total operation including the expense of producing and presenting arts events.
General Program Support (GPS)
The next three-year cycle begins in FY17.
Awarded to New Jersey based, nonprofit organizations, agencies, institutions, or units of local government to help underwrite the expense of presenting major, on-going arts programs. This grant category is open to a variety of organizations that produce or present on-going public arts programs.
Critical Financial Services Program
Co-sponsored with the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), this program is aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of the financial health and trends of the nonprofit arts industry in New Jersey and assisting organizations in achieving greater financial health. NFF is reviewing the annual financial audits for all General Operating and General Program Support applicants/ grantees with the summarization of audits shared with the grant review panels. NFF is also databasing the audit information, which is enabling financial trend analysis of the field and segments of the field. During a rigorous review process, the Council identifies organizations that have the potential to benefit from a deeper Nonprofit Business Analysis based on five years of financial data for an organization. The Analysis results in a report by NFF providing recommendations to the organization on how it might achieve greater financial health and stability.
Cultural Trust Institutional & Financial Stabilization Grants
Operated in collaboration with the New Jersey Cultural Trust and the New Jersey Historical Commission, this program provides Cultural Trust grants for projects that help organizations increase their financial and operational stability and build their capacity. The Arts Council designs and manages the program that solicits and reviews applications from arts organizations and recommends awards to the Cultural Trust. To be eligible an organization first be designated as "qualified" by the New Jersey Cultural Trust.
Cosponsored Projects
One vitally important way that the Council achieves its goals of service to the needs of the entire state is through a battery of cosponsored projects in priority areas, such as arts education, services to artists, access and regional service, arts marketing and promotion and more. By partnering with other organizations that share the same goals, the Council is able to widen the resources applied to the issue and build a statewide infrastructure of support. These grant funds leverage others and make for more efficient and cost effective use of public funds.

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