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Division of Procurement

Construction Services

1035 Parkway Avenue
P.O. Box 600
Trenton, NJ 08625-0600
Phone: 609.530.2103
Fax: 609.530.2238

Fiscal Year 2018 Awards

July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

Fiscal Year Archives:

Award Date
Contractor Project Description Amount
3/14/18 Orchard Holdings, LLC. of Manasquan, NJ Job Order Contract-ITS Maintenance 2017-South, Maintenance of Intelligent Transportations Systems, (ITS) Facilities at Various Locations, Federal Project No. NHP-C00S (815), PE No. N/A, CE No. 2206284, DP No. 17601


Bid Tabulations

3/14/18 Daidon Electric, Inc. of Newark, NJ Job Order Contract-ITS Maintenance 2017-North, Maintenance of Intelligent Transportations Systems, (ITS) Facilities at Various Locations, Federal Project No. NHP-C00S (814), PE No. N/A, CE No. 2206283, DP No. 17600 $2,695,757.56

Bid Tabulations
3/05/18 IEW Construction Group, Inc. of
Trenton, NJ
Maintenance Structural Steel and Aluminum Repair Contract, Central - 2018, Various Sites, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset and Warren (South of Route 57) Counties, 100% State, PE No. 2622544, CE No: 2622548, DP No. 18418 $5,369,840.03

Bid Tabulations
2/28/18 Diehl Electric Co., Inc. of Hammonton, NJ Rt. 73, CR 534 (Jackson Rd.) to Fork Landing Rd., ATS, C#1, Vicinity of Jackson Road to the Vicinity of Fork Landing Road, Contract No. 016176120, Borough of Berlin, Townships of Berlin, Voorhees, Evesham, Mount Laurel, Maple Shade and Cinnaminson, Burlington and Camden Counties, UPC No. 176120, Federal Project No. CM-0073 (300), PE No. 24GA28033900, CE No. 0431506, DP NO. 17602


Bid Tabulations

02/23/18 PKF Mark, III, Inc of
Newtown, PA
Route 9, Jobs Creek Bridge, Bridge Replacement, Contract No: 058113680, Bass River Township, Burlington County, UPC No. 113680, Federal Project No: NHP-0009(314), PE No. 0302510, CE No. 0302515, DP No. 17148 $6,224,381.60

Bid Tabulations
02/16/18 Orchard Holdings, LLC of Manasquan, NJ RT 1, CR 529 (Plainfield Ave) to Green St (CR 604), ATS, C#2, Contract No. 029176060, From the Vicinity of Woodbridge Avenue to the Vicinity of Green Street, Township of Edison and Township of Woodbridge, Middlesex County; Federal Project No: CM-0001(318), PE No: N/A, CE No: 1203515, DP No: 17603 $3,959,915.55

Bid Tabulations
02/06/18 Della Pello Paving, Inc.. of Union, NJ Route 21, Dayton Street to Route 46 West, Contract No. 012124000, Milling & Resurfacing, City of Passaic & City of Clifton, Passaic County, UPC No. 124000, 100% State, PE No. 1603510, CE No. 1603512, DP1 No. 17153 $3,551,701.95

Bid Tabulations
01/26/18 South State, Inc. of Bridgeton, NJ Route 1 Southbound, From Nassau Park Boulevard to Quaker Bridge Mall Overpass, Contract No. 008013301, Townships of Lawrence and West Windsor, County of Mercer, UPC No. 013301, Federal Project No. NHP-0001(314), PE No. 1126507, CE No. 1125511, DP No. 17139 $14,045,452.15

Bid Tabulations
01/24/18 Earle Asphalt Company of Wall, NJ Route 33, Fortunato Place to School House Road, Milepost 37.9 - 39.9, Resurfacing, Contract No. 040124050, Neptune Township, Monmouth County; 100% State, UPC No: 124050, PE No: 1306510, CE No: 1306512, DP No: 17152.


Bid Tabulations

01/24/18 South State, Inc. of Bridgeton, NJ Route 50, Kruk Terrace to Chestnut Street, Contract No. 000163290, High Friction Surface Treatment, Townships of Upper, Corbin City, Estell Manor, Weymouth & Hamilton, Atlantic & Cape May Counties; Federal Project No: SPR-0050(300), UPC No: 163290, PE No: 0507521, CE No: 0507522, DP No: 17150.


Bid Tabulations


01/16/18 New Prince Concrete Construction Co., Inc. of Hackensack, NJ Re-Advertisement of Route 71, Main Avenue to Cedar Avenue, Pavement, Contract No. 008113790, Township of Neptune, City of Asbury Park, Loch Arbour Village and Borough of Allenhurst, County of Monmouth, UPC No. 113790, Federal Project No. STP-0071(300), PE No. 1321517, CE No. 1321518, DP No. 17151


Bid Tabulations

01/09/18 Konkus Corporation
of Branchburg, NJ
Route U.S. 206 (1990) Bypass Sections 14 A & 15 A Contract B, Contract No. 063960597, Grading, Paving & Structures, Township of Hillsborough, County of Somerset, UPC No. 960597, Federal Project No. NHP-0206(321), PE No. 1810524, CE No. 1810557, DP No. 17144


Bid Tabulations

11/28/17 Allied Painting, Inc. of Cherry Hill, NJ Maintenance Bridge Painting Contract 2016-3, Two (02) Bridges, Route US 22, Newark City, Essex County; Federal Project No: NHP-D00S(077), PE No: 2206207, CE No: 2206206, DP No: 16426


Bid Tabulations

11/27/17 Carbro Constructors Corp. of Hillsborough, NJ Ridge Road, and Orient Way, Bridges over Route 3, Contract No. 006148120, Grading, Paving and Structures, Borough of Rutherford, Township of Lyndhurst, County of Bergen, UPC No. 148120, Federal Project No. NHP-HPP-0003(330), PE No. 1601513, CE No. 1601524, DP No. 17146


Bid Tabulations

11/21/17 Schifano Construction Corporation of Middlesex, NJ Route 35 North of Lincoln Drive to Navesink River Bridge, Contract No. 025123080, Resurfacing, Township of Ocean andTownship of Shrewsbury, Borough of Eatontown and Borough of Red Bank, Monmouth County, UPC No. 123080, Federal Project Construction No. NHP-0035 (315). PE No. 1311521, CE No. 1311523, DP 17149


Bid Tabulations

11/13/17 Konkus Corporation of Chester, NJ Route 35 Perth Amboy Connector, Bridge Replacement, Contract No. 052043600, City of Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, UPC No. 043600, Federal Project No. NHP-0035(314), PE No. 1223519, CE No. 1223522, DP No. 17147


Bid Tabulations

11/9/17 Wickberg Marine Contracting, Inc. of Belford, NJ Maintenance Dredging and Channel Improvements for Waackaack Creek Channel, Contract No. 005201703, Borough of Keansburg, Monmouth County, New Jersey, UPC No. 201703, 100% State, PE No. 6110108, CE No. 6721324, DP No. 18413


Bid Tabulations

11/2/17 Intercounty Paving Associates, LLC of Hackettstown, NJ Route 27, Bridge Street to Frederic Street, Contract No. 021124340, Borough of Metuchen, Township of Edison, Middlesex County, UPC No. 124340, Federal Project No. STP-0027(122), PE No. 1218537, CE No. 1218543, DP No. 17142


Bid Tabulations

11/2/17 Earle Asphalt Company of Wall, NJ Route 9 Bridge over Waretown Creek, Contract No. 078083160, Structure Replacement, Ocean Township, Ocean County, UPC No. 083160, Federal Project No. NHP-0009(313), PE No. 1502525, CE No. 1502538, DP No. 17145


Bid Tabulations

10/27/17 Earle Asphalt Company of Wall, NJ Route 130 Bridge over Doctors Creek & Crosswicks Creek, Contract No. 058123570, Superstructure Replacement, Bordentown & Hamilton Townships, Burlington & Mercer Counties, UPC No. 123570, Federal Project No. NHP-0130(316), PE No. 0319509, CE No. 0319511, DP No. 17143


Bid Tabulations

10/23/17 Konkus Corporation of Chester, NJ Route 206, Bridge over Drakes Brook, Contract No. 089153190, Superstructure Replacement, Mount Olive Township, Morris County, UPC No. 153190, Federal Project No. NHP-0206(318), PE No. 1417519, CE No. 1417521, DP No. 17136


Bid Tabulations

10/23/17 Union Paving & Construction Co., Inc. of Mountainside, NJ Re-Advertisement of Route U.S. 1 & 9 (Pulaski Skyway), Contract 7, Contract No. 051123290, Deck Replacement, Superstructure & Substructure Rehabilitation, City of Jersey City, Hudson County; City of Newark, Essex County; 100% State, UPC No: 123290, PE No: 0704510, CE No: 0704519, DP No: 17140.


Bid Tabulations

10/12/17 Intercounty Paving Associates, LLC Route 181 Espanong Road to Prospect Point Road, Contract No. 000153780, Jefferson Township, Morris County, UPC No. 153780, 100% State, PE No. 1429507, CE No. 1429510, DP No. 17141


Bid Tabulations

10/12/17 Stavola Contracting Co., Inc. of Tinton Falls, NJ Route 18, From Route 34 to Route 9 SB, Contract No. 019163590, Colts Neck, Freehold, Marlboro & Old Bridge Townships, Monmouth and Middlesex Counties, UPC No. 163590, Federal Project No. NHP-0018(163), PE No. 1323507, CE No. 1323508, DP No. 17138


Bid Tabulations

10/2/17 South State, Inc. of Bridgeton, NJ Route 95, Route 29 to Route 1, Contract No. 000173850, Sign Replacement at Various Locations, Townships of Hopewell, Ewing, Lawrenceville, Hamilton, West Windsor, and Robinsville-Mercer County; Townships of Bordentown, Mansfield, and Florence-Burlington Couinty, Township of Millstone-Monmouth County; Townships of Jackson-Ocean County, UPC No. 173850, 100% State Funded, PE No. 2202262, CE No. 1120531, DP No. 17137


Bid Tabulations

10/2/17 Agate Construction Co., Inc.  of Clermont, NJ Drawbridge Preventive Maintenance Contract 2017-2, Statewide, Federal Project No. NHP-STP-0030(347). PE No. 2206194, CE No. 2206356, DP No. 17451


Bid Tabulations

9/27/17 Della Pello Paving, Inc.. of Union, NJ Route 1, From CR 533 (Quakerbridge Rd.) to Ridge Rd, Contract No. 008124060, Resurfacing, Township of Lawrence, Township of West Windsor, Township of Plainsboro, and Township of South Brunswick, Mercer and Middlesex Counties, UPC No. 124060, Federal Project No. NHP- 0001(317), PE No. 1103563, CE No. 1103564, DP No. 17135


Bid Tabulations

9/15/17 South State, Inc. of Bridgeton, NJ Route 676 Bridges over North Branch of Newton Creek, Contract No.001143220, Bridge Superstructure Replacement, City of Camden, County of Camden, UPC No. 143220, Federal Project No. NHP-0676(300), PE No. 0418513 , CE No. 0418514, DP No. 17134


Bid Tabulations

9/8/17 Wickberg Marine Contracting, Inc. of Belford, NJ Emergency Dredging for Spicers Creek, Beach Creek 1 and St. George's Thorofare in Response to Winter Storm Jonas, Contract No. 198201701, Township of Lower and City of Cape May; City of North Wildwood, Cape May County; and City of Brigantine, Atlantic County, New Jersey; 100% State, PE No: 6110108, CE No: 5900334, DP No: 17414.


Bid Tabulations

08/17/17 South State, Inc. of Bridgeton, NJ Route 77 Elmer-Shirlrey Road (CR 611) to Gangemi Lane, Resurfacing, Contract No. 011124290, Upper Pittsgrove Township, Salem County, Elk & Harrison Townships, Gloucester County; Federal Project No: NHP-0077(300), UPC No: 124290, PE No: 1709503, CE No: 1709504, DP No: 17132


Bid Tabulations


Tri-State Dredging, Inc. of

Philadelphia, PA

Maintenance Dredging and Channel Improvements for Monmouth Beach, Rumson Country Club Y and Oceanport Creek Entry Channels, Contract No. 016201702, Borough of Monmouth Beach, Borough of Rumson, Borough of Oceanport and Borough of Sea Bright, Monmouth County, 100% State, UPC No. 201702, PE No. 6110108, CE No. 6700351, DP No. 15431


Bid Tabulations

07/17/17 South State, Inc. of Bridgeton, NJ Re-Advertisement of Route 95M From Vicinity of Lower Ferry Road (C643) to Vicinity of Route 1, Route 295 from West of Route 1 to East of Route 1, Contract No. 003163600, Pavement Preservation & Safety Improvement Township of Ewing, Hopewell and Lawrence, Mercer County; 100% State, UPC No: 163600, PE No: 1138507, CE No: 1138508, DP No: 17133.


Bid Tabulations

07/17/17 Della Pello Pavin, Inc. of Union, NJ Route 179, Route 165 to Route 31/202 Pavement, Contract No. 000114190, Resurfacing and Safety Improvements, City of Lambertville, Township of West Amwell, Township of East Amwell, Hunterdon County, UPC No.: 114190, Federal Project No. NHP-0179(324), PE No. 2101506, CE No. 2101508, DP No. 17130


Bid Tabulations


Joseph M. Sanzari, Inc.


Hackensack, NJ

Maintenance Job Order Contracting (JOC) Bridge Repairs, South - 2017, Various Locations, Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Salem Counties; Federal Project No: STP-D00S(042), PE No: 2622512, CE No: 2206226, DP No: 16433.


Bid Tabulations

NOTE: Bid Tabulation link is made after the award date.

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