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Public Records Disaster Response
In the aftermath of a disaster, once a facility has been declared safe to enter, it is imperative that an assessment be conducted to ascertain the status of the records and information maintained by the agency. This assessment includes equipment (e.g., computer hardware and its associated software) and public records (e.g., hardcopy, electronic and microimaged) to determine what may be salvaged and what must be disposed.

Follow the steps below if you wish to dispose of damaged records.

Guidelines to Assess Damaged Records

  1. Review your insurance policy for coverage.
  2. Review our resource page for Vendors, Consultants and Suppliers.
  3. Review the procedure for processing emergency destruction requests as outlined in the New Jersey Administrative Code.
  4. Submit the following damage records forms electronically to NJDORES. You may submit the forms sequentially. NJDORES will collate them upon receipt.
    1. Damaged Records Inventory
    2. Damaged Records Report
    3. Records Disposal Request Form - Electronic Version of Signature is Satisfactory


  1. Upon receipt of your forms, DORES will review your request and then contact you at the phone number or email you provided within 8.5 business hours.
  2. NJDORES will then submit your final request to the State Records Committee (SRC) for consideration at its next scheduled meeting. NJDORES will contact you within 8.5 business hours of the SRC decision.
  3. Once the SRC approves your request, NJDORES will send you a Satisfaction of Conditions for Approval of Records Disposition Certification.

Agency Actions

  1. Once the certification is received the agency may destroy the records.
  2. After destruction action is taken, the agency is responsible for returning the signed Records Disposition Certification to NJDORES, as well as documentation of secured destruction.

Need to Contact NJDORES Immediately?

If you have a situation that requires immediate attention, please have the following information available before calling before calling 609-530-3216.

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