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To all Telecommunicator and EMD Instructors,

Since the start of the State of New Jersey's 9-1-1 program the Office of Emergency Telecommunication Services (OETS) has required all telecommunicator and EMD classes be registered with our office before classes were conducted. The instructor was required to have all of the students attending these classes fill out registration forms to forward to OETS. All tests and related material was to be sent to OETS for review, and at times grading, before it was forwarded to the program vendor. The vendor would then send all certifications and related material to OETS where it would be copied, filed and entered in to a database before forwarding to the instructor for distribution to the students. The reasons for doing this were primarily due to the uncertainty of the vendor's product and the willingness of the agencies to conform to the regulations.

After a recent review of the process it was apparent to OETS that our involvement was impairing the process needlessly. All of the approved vendors have established the quality of their programs and are used throughout the county and in some foreign countries as well. Some of these vendors can also provide test results immediately. The process of mailing all material through OETS had become an unnecessary step. Also the OETS practice of retaining these records, some dating back to the early 1990's was questioned by the department overseeing the archiving of records by the State of New Jersey. Many of these contain information that is now considered inappropriate by current standards. The recommendation has been made to destroy all records beyond the current recommended time of retention. Therefore most of these records are no longer going to be available.

After discussion, OETS has decided that only records of classes conducted using the New Jersey Emergency Medical Dispatch Training Program and the students who attend these classes would be appropriate to retain by OETS.

As of January 1, 2015, all EMD classes using the New Jersey EMD Training Program will be processed through OETS in the usual manner. Telecommunicator and EMD classes using material from an approved vendor will be processed directly through the chosen vendor. There will be no need to register these classes or direct the accompanying paperwork through OETS.

Now, more than ever, it is essential that PSAP and students maintain the originals and/or copies of their certifications since OETS will no longer be able to produce photocopies from archived records.

The updated training policy and a list of approved vendors has been made to the New Jersey 9-1-1 ( website. If you have any further questions please contact our office.

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