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Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect Rearing Laboratory

Lady Bugs

Available for Purchase

2022 Insects Available for Purchase

Fill out the form below to begin a request for any of our available insects or call 609-530-4192 to consult with lab staff. 

Pediobius foveolatus

Pediobius attacking MBB larva

Pediobius foveolatus - Gregarious parasitoid of the Mexican bean beetle (MBB), Epilachna varivestis and Squash beetle, Epilachna borealis larvae. For more guidance on what to purchase, use our larval instar information guide.

  • Adults = $90.00/1,000 + shipping (maximum order: 2,000 wasps/location/week) 
  • Parasitized MBB Larvae (mummy) [Approx. 25 parasitoids/mummy] $45.00/20 mummies + shipping (maximum order: 4 units of mummies/location/week) 

Rhinoncomimus latipes

R.latipes - Adult

Rhinoncomimus latipes - Foliage feeding weevil that feeds exclusively on the herbaceous, annual, trailing vine, Mile-a-minute, Persicaria perfoliata

  • Adults = $500.00/500 + shipping 

[USDA 526 Permit Required] 

Peristenus relictus

Peristenus relictus

Peristenus relictus– Solitary parasitoid that attacks the Tarnished plant bug, Lygus hesperus & Lygus lineolaris 

  • Adults = $75.00/100 + shipping

Epilachna varivestis

MBB eggs

Epilachna varivestis (Mexican bean beetle)- Bean pest 

  • Egg Masses = $200.00/25 + shipping [Approx. 40 eggs per mass] 

Lygus hesperus

Tarnished plant bug

Lygus hesperus (Tarnished plant bug)- General agricultural pest 

  • Egg Pack = $200.00/1 + shipping [Approx. 750 eggs]  
  • Nymphs=$20/100 + shipping 

Halyomorpha halys

Brown marmorated stinkbug

Halyomorpha halys (Brown marmorated stinkbug)- General agricultural pest

  • Adults= $0.70/1 + shipping (maximum order: 150 adults/week with a 6-week lead time to rear adults) 
  • Nymphs= $0.70/1 + shipping (maximum order: 150 nymphs/week) 
  • Egg Masses = $2.25/1 + shipping 

[USDA 526 Permit Required] 

Any completed purchases will be billed after shipment.
As of July 5th, 2022, we charge a flat rate of $15 for instate purchases and between $40-$65 for out of state purchases.
Payment can be made by check or electronic transfer.

Please mail checks to:
Attn: Jennifer Harding
PO Box 330
Trenton, NJ 08625

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