Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect Rearing Laboratory

Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect Rearing Laboratory

Mexican Bean Beetle Adults on Bean Plants

Available for Purchase

2023 Insects Available for Purchase

Fill out the form below to begin a request for any of our available insects or call 609-530-4192 to consult with lab staff. 

  • Any completed purchases will be billed after shipment.
  • Payment can be made by check or electronic transfer. We also now take credit card but the platform charges a 2.3% + $0.50 processing fee.

Pediobius foveolatus

Pediobius attacking MBB larva

Pediobius foveolatus - Gregarious parasitoid of the Mexican bean beetle (MBB), Epilachna varivestis and Squash beetle, Epilachna borealis larvae. For more guidance on what to purchase, use our larval instar information guide.

  • Adults = $100.00/1,000 + shipping (maximum order: 2,000 wasps/location/week) 
  • Parasitized MBB Larvae (mummy) [Approx. 25 parasitoids/mummy] $50.00/20 mummies + shipping (maximum order: 4 units of mummies/location/week) 

Rhinoncomimus latipes

R.latipes - Adult

Rhinoncomimus latipes - Foliage feeding weevil that feeds exclusively on the herbaceous, annual, trailing vine, Mile-a-minute, Persicaria perfoliata

  • Adults = $500.00/500 + shipping

Hypena opulenta

Hypena opulenta moth
Hypena opulenta pupae
Hypena opulenta caterpillars

Hypena opulenta– Foliage feeding caterpillar that feeds exclusively on Black swallowwort.

  • Moths = $5.00/1 + shipping
  • Pupae = $5.00/1 + shipping
  • Caterpillars = $2.00/1 + shipping

    Epilachna varivestis

    MBB eggs

    Epilachna varivestis (Mexican bean beetle)- Bean pest 

    • Egg Masses = $225.00/25 + shipping [Approx. 40 eggs per mass] 

    Lygus hesperus

    Tarnished plant bug

    Lygus hesperus (Tarnished plant bug)- General agricultural pest 

    • Egg Pack = $225.00/1 + shipping [Approx. 750 eggs]  
    • Nymphs=$20/100 + shipping

    Halyomorpha halys

    Brown marmorated stinkbug adult
    Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Egg Masses on bean leaves

    Halyomorpha halys (Brown marmorated stinkbug)- General agricultural pest

    • Adults= $0.80/1 + shipping (maximum order: 150 adults/week with a 6-week lead time to rear adults) 
    • Nymphs= $0.80/1 + shipping (maximum order: 150 nymphs/week) 
    • Egg Masses = $2.50/1 + shipping 

    [USDA 526 Permit Required] 

    Please mail checks to:
    Attn: Jennifer Harding
    PO Box 330
    Trenton, NJ 08625

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