Formal technical opinions are issued to clarify provisions of the adopted subcodes and are binding upon code enforcement agencies. 

FTO-3 Revised, Oct. 2016 Fire Escapes
FTO-4 Code Ref. Update, June 2006 Exemption from Floor Drain Requirement for Gas Stations
FTO-5  Code Ref. Update, Sept. 2022 Emergency Escape Windows (New Construction and Additions)
FTO-7  Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2016 Backflow Preventers for Fire Protection Installations
FTO-12  Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2011 Permissible Penetrations in Roof Assemblies for Residential Use Groups 
FTO-13  Code Ref. Update, Sept. 2022 Fire Separation between Dwelling Units and Attached Private Garages
FTO-14  Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007 Materials Permitted in Exterior Walls in Type III (Type 3) Construction
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