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New Jersey law permits DCF to release records and reports to any person engaged in bona fide research provided that no names or identifying information are made available.

DCF evaluates records and reports requests for research projects that involve primary data collection and secondary data analyses.  Requests are evaluated in the context of DCF's mission to serve New Jersey's vulnerable children and families.

New Research Projects 
Due to resource constraints related to the COVID-19 pandemic, NJ DCF is accepting a limited number of proposals for new research projects at this time. Please submit a one paragraph summary of your proposed project to prior to submitting a full proposal for review by DCF's Research Review Committee.

Please include in the summary:

  1. The aims of the research project
  2. Any specific DCF data that you intend to access as part of the research project and/or other resources required of DCF (e.g., interview time with staff)
  3. A description of how the proposed project aligns with DCF's strategic goals.

A DCF representative will reach out to you directly to confirm whether you should submit a full proposal for consideration.]

Amended Research Projects
For researchers submitting proposals with amendments, please include a cover page that summarizes and outlines the proposed changes to your research project.

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For more information on research protocol and procedures

Research Review Committee Protocol - Overview of Procedures

Application for Proposed Research Projects Involving Access to DCF-affiliated Staff, Programs, Families, Children and Youth 

Application for Proposed Research Projects Involving Existing Client Records or Data