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These materials regarding parenting are free of charge and available by completing the PUBLICATIONS ORDER FORM.   Some materials are also available for downloading.


Survival Guide for Parents
This 20-page Guide provides information
for parents on what to expect from their
children at various stages of development and how to manage the stress of parenting. The Guide includes tips for parents on how to choose a child care center, coping with stress and on building self-esteem. Resource numbers for assistance with parenting are included. Download English or Spanish.


Little Ways to Love Your Child
This brochure gives parents tips for being a nurturing parent.
Download English or Spanish.

Time out Tips for Your Children
Time-out is a safe discipline technique that can help manage children's behavior.  This brochure gives parents guidelines on using time-out. Download English or Spanish. 

Divorce – Making It Easier on You
and Your Kids
This brochure gives parents tips on helping children cope with divorce. These tips keep children's needs in mind and help them feel loved and secure during family changes. Download English or Spanish