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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created significant changes in our lives. In particular, we have had to rethink and redesign many aspects of the way we carry out our jobs, individually and collectively. As we prepare to work differently for the next several months, the following resources have been compiled to support staff wellness and productivity.

The below framework has been developed to demonstrate the various categories of information and materials available:


6 Month Update on DCF Staff Work 
From Home Initiatve 

NJ DCF Staff Work from Home Survey
Results, June 2020

Human Resources   
Leave of Absence Packet
Temporary Disability Insurance Application

Employee Advisory Services (EAS)
Call: 1-866-327-9133


Organizational Leadership  
Commissioner video (pending)   
DCF COVID-19 webpage  

COVID-19 DCF Work From Home Policy (updated 2/26/2021)  
COVID-19 Civil Service Commission Guidelines for Staff 
COVID-19 Civil Service Commission FAQs for Staff 
COVID-19 DCF Administrative Order 13 

Safety Tips for Wi-Fi Hotspots 
Remote Work Technology Guide    
DCF NJ SPIRIT Help Desk   

Staff Development   
Supervisor Tip Sheet 
Employee Tip Sheet 
Staff Wellness and Mindfulness 
Employee Home Environment - Self Reflection 
20 Tips for Working from Home 
8 Tips to Make Working From Home Work For You 
7 Effective Ways to Work from Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak 
5 Tips for Staying Productive and Mentally Healthy While You're Working from Home 
Get More Done: 18 Tips for Telecommuters 
9 Ways to Stay Productive When You Work from Home

Set Expectations and Review Outcomes  
Performance Assessment Review Program (ePAR)