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State of New Jersey-Department of Environmental Protection-Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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What We Do

The Office of Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability’s (AQES) mission is to evaluate, develop and implement clean, secure and resilient energy systems and sustainable environmental practices that complement our on-going efforts to ensure New Jersey has clean air and a safe environment now and for future generations. Our vision is to build a nationally recognized organization that ensures clean, reliable, safe and affordable power without sacrificing clean air and a protected environment.  Since energy generation and fuels are the primary sources of New Jersey’s continuing air pollution problems, the merging of these programs under one Office enhances and expands the effectiveness of DEP’s ability to meet its mission to preserve and protect New Jersey’s environment and the public health.

We are organized into two divisions: one side focused on efforts to control and reduce air quality pollutants and air toxics from its varied sources; reducing public exposure to radiation from naturally occurring and manmade sources; and ensuring energy systems and practices are secure and protective of human health and the environment.  AQES as a whole also engages and educates our regulated community and the general public about their clean air, and energy choices, as well as radiological impacts from nuclear energy and other sources (e.g., radon, medical procedures).  Finally, AQES interacts with several other State agencies, including the Board of Public Utilities, the Department of Transportation, and the Motor Vehicles Commissioner, to ensure consistency in regulating energy systems and encouraging sustainable practices.

AQES also has two offices that support the Assistant Commissioner:

Office of Air and Energy Advisor – The mission of the Office is to provide the Asst. Commissioner and AQES programs with strategic guidance on air and energy policy related issues, and to support and coordinate the statewide, multi-agency initiatives needed to meet New Jersey’s clean air and energy goals.

Office of Operations and Coordination – The mission of the Office is to support the integration, synchronization, and coordination of AQES’ overarching efforts and business services.


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