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Planning for the future of New Jersey

Climate change is a global challenge, but the impacts are experienced locally. Changes in precipitation, extreme temperatures, sea-level rise, and species shifts place stress on infrastructure, natural resources, and social and economic systems. These same impacts will directly affect public health and healthcare systems. Decisions about zoning, redevelopment, housing, open space, and other investment decisions made by local and regional governments will alter the impacts of climate change on their own and neighboring. Integrating climate change into these decisions and all local and regional planning efforts is imperative to ensure that investments made today are designed to withstand the conditions of tomorrow.

Resilient NJ is an assistance program to support local and regional climate resilience planning. Using the best available science on precipitation, temperature, and sea-level rise, Resilient NJ can help your community plan for how the changing climate may affect residents, businesses, and the natural and built environments in your area.

Local Planning for Climate Change Toolkit at-a-glance

Stormwater Utility Feasibility Study Technical Assistance /Stormwater Resilience Planning - As part of its comprehensive efforts to improve water quality and mitigate the worsening impacts of flooding caused by climate change, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has announced it is seeking applications for grants to modernize stormwater management systems and to provide technical assistance to municipal, county and utility authorities to plan to become more resilient, including conducting studies on the feasibility of forming stormwater utilities and resilience planning for local governments impacted by Tropical Storm Ida, that will focus on strategies to better manage the impacts of stormwater. $1 million is available through the Resilient NJ program for resilience planning for local governments impacted by Tropical Storm Ida in September 2021. The DEP will provide technical and planning assistance to develop community-led resilience action plans that result in comprehensive climate resilience action.

The deadline to Show Interest for Public Assistance is September 23, 2022. A virtual public information session has been set up for 10 a.m. on August 10, 2022. Please visit Stormwater Competitive Grants and Resilience/Stormwater Utility Feasibility Technical Assistance Grants for more information.

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Planning Projects

Learn more about ongoing and past regional climate resilience planning projects.

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Local Climate Resilience Toolkit photo
Local Climate Resilience Toolkit

Ready to get started on local climate resilience planning? Use DEP’s new Toolkit to help guide your process.

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Program Documents

Access funding announcements, templates, and other Resilient NJ documents.

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Find information on state and federal training opportunities for building climate resilience.

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