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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Office of Environmental Justice
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Office of
Environmental Justice

401 East State Street
7th floor East Wing
Mail Code: 402
Trenton, NJ 08625
PH: (609) 633-0747
FX: (609) 984-3962

Recent Projects/Initiatives

  • Groundwork Elizabeth – More P.E.A.S. Initiative

    Groundwork Elizabeth along with our governmental partners works collaboratively with the private sector, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, local educators and the community at large to undertake various projects that will result in better access to healthy foods, strategies to build sustainable agricultural systems, development of green-career opportunities, and quality of life improvements in socially and economically-challenged areas of the City of Elizabeth, the Township of Union, and other areas throughout the County of Union.
    The More P.E.A.S. initiative promotes the three core tenets of permaculture, to care for the earth (stewardship), to care for people (social and cultural revitalization), and the return of surplus (reinvestment and recycling).

  • New Jersey Tree Foundation – Tree Planting project in Newark

    NJ Tree Foundation provides basic tree care information to all tree recipients, all these partners were invited to join in learning more extensively about tree care, maintenance, and more at our annual TreeKeepers workshops. NJ Tree Foundation planted 73 trees in the City of Newark with the help of 114 volunteers. Most of these trees were planted at schools in the Ironbound community. The trees provide environmental and community social and mental benefits, such as, the reduction of stormwater flooding and air filtration.

  • Urban League of Essex County – Bee Ready Program for at-risk youth in Newark’s West Ward

    The Bee Ready Program is a year-round program that provides young at-risk youth with exposure to a nontraditional career, addressing life skills deficiencies (e.g., time management, financial literacy, peer pressure and community service) and academic remediation (study and test taking skills), and the opportunity to develop college and career plans. benefits, such as, the reduction of stormwater flooding and air filtration.

  • Environmental Justice Advisory Council, Water Working Group – Lead in Drinking Water Pilot in Irvington

    This project was piloted in Irvington Township to ensure that residents, especially children, are aware of the importance of flushing the tap water system out before using after long periods of idleness. To accomplish this the Water Working Group developed a door tag containing lead in drinking water facts, and precautionary measures and strategies to reduce potential exposure. Ultimately, EJAC wishes to replicate this pilot program in every Environmental Justice community in the State.

Other Areas of Involvement

Camden Collaborative Initiative

Community Collaborative Initiative

Brownfields Development Area (BDA) Initiative

Equal Opportunity & Contract Assistance

NJDEP-Fish Consumption Advisories

NJDEP Enforcement Blotter

Stop the Soot: NJ's Comprehensive Initiative to Decrease Cancer-Causing Diesel Pollution


For past activities, please view the EJ In Action archive page.


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