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State of New Jersey-Department of Environmental Protection-Compliance and Enforcement
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Enforcement Reports

Data Miner  
    Site Search Sites or individuals regulated by NJDEP.
     Enforcement Blotter
This report lists enforcement actions issued by the Department within the past 14 days to address environmental violations. A version is available allowing you to select records by date.
     Site Visit Blotter
This report provides a list of site visits conducted by DEP inspectors over the last 14 days to determine compliance with environmental laws and regulations.  A version is available allowing you to select records by date.
    Inspection Reports When & where we inspect facilities in your neighborhood.
    Violations Reports What violations of environmental laws and permit conditions were found or were reported to us.
    Incident Reports What environmental incidents were reported to NJDEP in your
    Enforcement Action Reports What type of enforcement actions were issued.
    Stewardship Reports Link to stewardship reports
    All Report Categories List of all C&E Data Miner Reports by category
    Term Definitions Term Definitions for Data Miner Reports
    Activity Output Summaries
Graphs and tables of the annual output of site inspections, submittal reviews and enforcement actions by program, since 2002.
    Compliance Rates
Graphs and tables of the percentage of facilities or entities that were in compliance based on site inspections by program, since 2002.

Other Reports

    Annual Highlights Reports

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(Fiscal Year 2011-2012)
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(Fiscal Year 2010)
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(Fiscal Year 2009)
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(Fiscal Year 2008)
blue bullet
(Fiscal Year 2007)
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(Fiscal Year 2006)
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(Fiscal Year 2005)

A comprehensive annual report prepared by Compliance & Enforcement (C&E) that highlights many of the significant and noteworthy compliance and enforcement activities accomplished by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (Department) during the fiscal year period.

Included in these reports are highlights for C&E as well as Dam Safety, Fish and Wildlife, Parks and Forestry, Pollution Prevention and Right to Know, Radiation Protection, Release Prevention and Site Remediation.

The Clean Water Enforcement Act (CWEA) requires the department to submit a report on the implementation of the CWEA's requirements to the Governor and the legislature.

Reports are available online for the years 2001 onward.


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