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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Office of Environmental Justice
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Office of
Environmental Justice

401 East State Street
7th floor East Wing
Mail Code: 402
Trenton, NJ 08625
PH: (609) 633-0747
FX: (609) 984-3962

One of the key components in addressing environmental justice issues is to ensure early, ongoing and meaningful public participation. NJDEP urges citizens to get involved. Below, and throughout this website, are several links that can assist you in getting involved in environmental decision-making at all levels of government. Be sure to visit the Resources page of this website for additional information.


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With broad regulatory responsibilities, thousands of permits processed every year and 12,600 active site-remediation cases, DEP strives to maintain a dialogue with community stakeholders.

DEP recognizes that environmental justice communities are overburdened with unique socioeconomic and environmental problems that require a community-based response tailored to a community’s specific needs and concerns.

DEP is committed to developing and implementing strategies and policies that effectively educate and empower environmental justice community leaders to become involved in government decision making.


To effectively address environmental and public health impacts, the DEP, in collaboration with other agencies, such as the New Jersey Department of Health, the Economic Development Authority and the New Jersey Department of Transportation, is committed to pro-actively addressing environmental justice issues in self-identified communities.

Extensive studies and research show that, at the national level, many people of color and poor, working-class people of all races live in communities that are overburdened with environmental hazards. In New Jersey communities can choose to self-identify themselves as environmental justice communities using existing data including: Census data, Permitting, Toxic Release Inventory, and National Air Toxic Assessment Data. For those communities that meet the criteria to be developed by the Environmental Justice Taskforce, Action Plans will be developed to address environmental justice issues.

In New Jersey, many cities and older suburbs face serious environmental challenges, including:

  • inadequate land-use planning
  • persistent illegal dumping
  • numerous brownfield sites
  • waste management issues
  • lack of preserved natural areas and open space



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