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CSRR Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


CSRR GIS Deliverable Templates


Each GIS Deliverable must conform to a specific structure or schema depending on the Submission Type being submitted. For instance, a CEA Deliverable must use the correct schema for a CEA Submission. The schemas for each GIS Deliverable Type are described in the Administrative Requirements for GIS Deliverables. The following Esri shapefile templates have the correct schema. A user can either 1) create their own shapefile using the same schema as is contained in the appropriate template or 2) download the shapefile template, unzip and add the shapefile into GIS, create the polygon(s) identifying the feature(s), and complete the attribute table as outlined in the guidance. Either way, the Deliverable needs to be in the correct format to be accepted. The shapefile shall be renamed according to CSRR's naming protocol (Section 4.2 of the Administrative Requirements for GIS Deliverables) and submitted to the Department.

GIS Deliverable Shapefile Schema (Structure)

The schema (or structure) of the shapefile depends on the Deliverable Type. The correct schema is outlined in the Administrative Requirements for GIS Deliverables guidance document. The templates also have the correct schema but have no features.

Shapefile Templates:

An Esri shapefile consists of individual files that together make up a shapefile. At a minimum, four of the file types need to be submitted (.shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj). There are additional file types associated with a GIS shapefile (.sbn, .sbx, etc.). These files can be included as part of the GIS Deliverable but are not required.

The use of the following shapefile templates is recommended (but not required) to create GIS Deliverables.

Metadata Template:

Metadata or "data about data" documents the content, quality, condition, and other characteristics of data. The metadata requirements are detailed in Appendix A of the Administrative Requirements for GIS Deliverables. The metadata requirements are the same for AOC / Site Boundaries, CEAs, CKEs, DNs, and Linear Construction. Only the Site Coordinates metadata requirements is different. CSRR has created a series of questions that facilitates the creation of metadata. These questions are included in the following Metadata requirements text files.

To include the metadata with the GIS Submittal, first download the metadata templates from the web page.

  • For on-line service submissions, the metadata.txt file should be completed, renamed, saved, and then zipped up with the other attachments (pdf map and GIS Deliverable) and attached to the service.