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CSRR Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


CSRR GIS Deliverables

CSRR Regulations, specifically Administrative Requirements for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites (ARRCS Rule) (N.J.A.C 7:26C-1.6) and the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (N.J.A.C. 7:26E), require the submittal of GIS compatible maps for several key elements of the remedial investigation / remediation. The Regulations require the submission of GIS deliverables throughout the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites.

Prior to submitting any GIS deliverables to CSRR, please review the following:

CSRR receives these GIS deliverables via email at specifically designated email addresses or through the online service as specified in the guidance document links below. The GIS deliverables are:

General Site Information
Submission Type: Areas of Concern / Site Boundaries
Deliverable: Polygon
Key Document: PA / SI / RI
Submission Type: Site Location
Deliverable: Single Point (Email)
Key Document: n/a
Institutional Control
Submission Type: Classification Exception Area (CEA)
Deliverable: Polygon
Key Document: RIR or GW RA Permit Application
Submission Type: Deed Notice / Engineering Controls
Deliverable: Polygon
Key Document: Soil RA Permit Application
Immediate Environmental Concern (IEC)
Submission Type: Currently Known Extent (CKE) - Potable Well IEC Only
Deliverable: Polygon
Key Document: Engineered Response Action Report,
IEC Source Control (SC) Report, or
IEC Response Action Report
Receptor Evaluation (ground water)
Submission Type: Well Search
Deliverable: Multiple Points (Spreadsheet)
Key Document: Initial - 120 days after GW contamination detected
Additional - IEC SC Report, RI, RA
Linear Construction
Submission Type: Linear Construction
Deliverable: Polygons
Key Document: Linear Construction Report

Note: Polygons must be submitted as an Esri polygon shapefile or CAD dwg file.