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DRBC's Advisory Committee on Climate Change to Host Climate Forum at PDE's Science Summit: March 2021
Delaware Estuary Science & Environmental Summit: March 1-3, 2021
DRBC's ACCC Forum on Climate Change & the Delaware River Basin: March 2, 2021
Scholarship Opportunities for Educators!
Delaware Estuary Science & Environmental Summit: March 1-3, 2021
Banner for PDE Science & Environmental Summit, March 1-3, 2021 

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary's (PDE) biennial Science and Environmental Summit will happen virtually in 2021 from March 1-3, 2021.

The summit brings together scientists, educators and water resource specialists to share the latest information and research about watershed management, with a focus on the Delaware River and Estuary.

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The DRBC regularly participates in the summit, as presenters, panel moderators and/or attendees.

DRBC's Aquatic Biologist Jake Bransky and Manager of Water Resource Modeling Thomas Amidon will be presenters in the Water Quality & Water Quantity Sessions on Day 1, March 1.

On Day 3, March 3, DRBC Executive Director Steve Tambini will be a panelist discussing 25 Years in the Delaware Estuary: Reflecting on Past Accomplishments and Addressing Future Challenges.

In addition to participating on Days 1 and 3, DRBC's Advisory Committee on Climate Change is hosting a one-day Climate Change and the Delaware River Basin Forum on Day 2, March 2 (more below).

DRBC's ACCC Forum on Climate Change & the Delaware River Basin: March 2, 2021
DRBC Advisory Committee on Climate Change Forum Graphic. 

The DRBC’s Advisory Committee on Climate Change (ACCC) will host a one-day forum on Climate Change in the Delaware River Basin on March 2, 2021.

View News Release (issued 1/28/21)

View News Release (issued 2/10/21)


Featured Speakers:

N.J. Governor Philip Murphy. Benjamin Hamlington, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will provide the keynote presentation at the forum. NBC 10 Philadelphia Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz will be a featured speaker at the forum.

New Jersey Governor Philip D. Murphy, an active leader in the study and planning for dealing with climate change in the region, will kick off the forum with a prerecorded message. 

NASA scientist Benjamin Hamlington, Ph.D., (photo, middle) leads NASA’s Sea Level Change Science Team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California and will provide the forum’s keynote presentation.

Providing a local perspective, NBC10 Philadelphia Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz (photo, above right) will discuss climate change impacts on rain, snow and flooding in the Basin.

Other speakers include climate experts from Rutgers University, The Water Center at Penn, Shippensburg University, Columbia University, USGS, PDE and DRBC.

View Forum Agenda (pdf)

Why Attend?

Climate change impacts in the Delaware River Basin include increased temperature, changes in precipitation patterns and sea level rise, all of which affect water supply and water quality. 

Attendees will learn from experts about current climate science and from water managers about how they are planning for the region's future water needs given these impacts.

Who is the ACCC?

DRBC’s Advisory Committee on Climate Change is comprised of individuals with relevant climate expertise, representing various government, watershed, academic, business and water user perspectives.

It is focused on science-based information for identifying and prioritizing climate threats to the Delaware River Basin, as well as providing recommendations for mitigation, adaptation and improved resiliency.

Learn more about the ACCC

Scholarship Opportunities for Educators!

DRBC - through its Our Shared Waters Program - is pleased to offer a scholarship opportunity for educators in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware who are interested in this topic as part of their teaching curriculum and eager to share the knowledge from this forum with their students.

DRBC will sponsor the $100 summit registration fee for 10 high school teachers in the aforementioned states.

The scholarship opportunity will be offered to the first 10 educators who respond with their interest.

DRBC will ask that educators commit to providing brief feedback about their learnings and how they plan to share the findings with students following their participation in the forum.

Interested but have class that day? PDE will permit the selected educators to screen share or broadcast the March 2 climate forum to their classes! 

Please note that this content is to be used for educational purposes only and may not be shared outside of the classroom setting, so as not to compromise the intellectual property of the presenters.


•Open to educators interested in sharing climate change impacts in the Delaware River Basin with their students.

•Educators must submit a request for the scholarship registration to: oursharedwaters@gmail.com; these will be given first-come, first-served. Please include: full name, where you teach/work, town & state.

•Educators will also be asked to provide a brief encapsulation of 200 words or less to share their feedback from the event, what they learned and how they used or plan to use the material presented at the forum in their curriculum. Alternatively, a video from the educator with or without the class to share learnings would be accepted.  
•Educators are encouraged, but not required, to pair the educational opportunity with a real-life learning practice and submit an observation about a local waterway at www.rateyourwaters.org and/or encourage their students to do so, especially if they have broadcast the forum to their classes.

Disclaimer: Applicants agree that all submission materials can be used for educational purposes on the Our Shared Waters Facebook page and website at www.oursharedwaters.org.