Advisory Committee on Climate Change (ACCC)

Please note: The Commission's advisory committees provide a forum for the exchange of information and viewpoints on a variety of issues. Presentations made at public meetings of the Commission's advisory committees are posted on the DRBC web site for the convenience of participants and the public, in order to encourage informed discussion and debate. However, readers are advised that the Commission cannot attest to the accuracy of the information presented by individuals who are not members of the Commission staff. The views and information contained in these materials are those of the presenters and unless stated otherwise in a particular document, have not been endorsed by the Commission or its personnel.

Committee LiaisonKristen Bowman Kavanagh, P.E., (609) 883-9500 ext. 221

Committee Information

Resolution 2019-8 (establishes the committee; December 2019)

Committee Membership

Committee Charge from Resolution 2019-8:

  • Provide input to inform DRBC’s ongoing 2060 Water Resources Planning Study and related models that have climate-dependent inputs.
  • Develop science-based future scenarios for the Delaware River Basin as they relate to climate change.
  • Define the scope and support the development of a comprehensive basin-wide climate impact study to be undertaken collaboratively by DRBC and other DRB partners. This study may be performed in phases and should address climate-related threats and influences potentially affecting the basin’s water supply, water quality and watersheds.
  • Support an effort to fund or resource a Delaware River Basin comprehensive climate impact study.
  • Work with DRBC staff and partners to organize a Delaware River Basin Climate Forum (i.e., technical conference) and provide the commission with a recommendation regarding the frequency of such events for sharing climate science focused on the Delaware River Basin.
Committee Meeting Information

August 4, 2020 (coming soon)

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