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DRBC Advisory Committee Openings

As noted below, DRBC will be periodically accepting applications from interested parties to fill the posted “non-reserved” positions on its advisory committees. Please note that the Regulated Flow Advisory Committee does not include non-reserved members, so it is not included in the below table.


Member Represents


Applications Due On or Before

Liaison Contact

Advisory Committee on Climate Change




Kristen Bowman
Kavanagh, P.E.


Flood Advisory Committee




Amy Shallcross, P.E.

Monitoring Advisory and Coordination Committee




Elaine Panuccio

Toxics Advisory Committee



Five Years From When Filled (Ag)

2022 - 2026 (Industry)

Open until Filled (Ag)

Applications Due On/Before 12/1/21 (Industry)

Ron MacGillivray, Ph.D.

Water Management Advisory Committee




Michael Thompson, P.E.

Water Quality Advisory Committee



John Yagecic, P.E.

Instructions: All candidates, including current members seeking reappointment, are asked to submit a resume and a cover letter stating their interest and qualifications to the Committee Liaison. All candidates are urged to familiarize themselves with the purpose of the committee – stated in the enabling Resolution for the committee of interest - as well as the Committee’s Practices and Procedures as posted on the respective committee webpages.

Background: On March 16, 2016, the Commissioners approved a Resolution for the Minutes Establishing Consistent Practices Relating to Membership, Record-Keeping and "Green" Meetings for DRBC Advisory Committees (pdf 86 KB). All members serve at the pleasure of the Executive Director and the Commissioners.

Reserved Positions: Advisory Committee positions assigned (per the Commission resolution establishing the advisory committee) to a federal, state or regional government agency or a specific organization are hereinafter referred to as “Reserved” positions, are filled through coordination with the agency or organization to which each is assigned and have no prescribed duration.

Non-Reserved Positions: All other positions are “Non-Reserved” or “Other” and those positions will be filled as needed following public advertisement on the DRBC website following the process defined in the RESOLUTION of March 16, 2016.