Finance and Administration
External Affairs and Communications
Water Resource Operations
Water Resource Management
Science and Water Quality Management

*All staff can be reached by phone at (609) 883-9500, along with 3-digit extension, unless noted otherwise.

  Position Email Address Phone*
Steve Tambini - biography Executive Director 200
Pam Bush - biography Commission Secretary and Assistant General Counsel 203
Paula Schmitt Administrative Assistant 224
Kenneth Warren - biography General Counsel (484) 383-4834
Donna Woolf Executive Assistant 222
Finance and Administration
Elba Deck - biography Director, Finance and Administration
Deborah Allen Accounting/Benefits Specialist 249
Denise McHugh Administrative Assistant 240
Patrick Rago Support Services Technician 245
Lulin Zhong Finance/Accounting Manager 211
Information Technology      
Karl Heinicke Senior Information Specialist 241
Karen Reavy Information Specialist/GIS 273
External Affairs and Communications
Peter Eschbach - biography Director, External Affairs and Communications 208
Stacey Mulholland Public Affairs Specialist 260
Kate Schmidt Communications Specialist 205
Susan Owens Graphic Designer (Part-Time)  
Water Resource Operations
Amy Shallcross Manager, Water Resource Operations 232
Gail Blum Water Resource Specialist 219
Fanghui Chen Water Resource Engineer   225
Water Resource Management
Kenneth Najjar - biography Director, Water Resource Management 256
Project Review      
David Kovach Manager, Project Review 264
Bob Damiani Geologist 303
Eric Engle Senior Geologist 229
Kendria Henson Water Resource Engineer 251
Shane McAleer Water Resource Engineer 293
Vacant Administrative Assistant    
Water Resource Planning      
Chad Pindar Manager, Water Resource Planning 268
SeungAh Byun Water Resource Engineer 237
Michael Thompson Water Resource Engineer 226
Science and Water Quality Management
Namsoo Suk - biography Director, Science and Water Quality Management 305
Water Quality Assessment      
John Yagecic Manager, Water Quality Assessment 271
Jacob Bransky Aquatic Biologist 230
Ronald MacGillivray Senior Environmental Toxicologist 252
Elaine Panuccio Water Resource Scientist 307
Water Resource Modeling      
Li Zheng Senior Water Resource Modeler 257
Vacant Geologist