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Employment Opportunities

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), a federal-interstate water resource management agency, currently has one employment opportunity:

  • Director, External Affairs & Communications - deadline to apply: 4 p.m., Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Director, External Affairs & Communications

Title: Director, External Affairs and Communications

Employee Status: Full-Time

Grade: E26

Salary Range: $89,650 -$134,300

Branch: Directorate

Supervised By: Executive Director


Brief Description

Developing and managing relationships with key publics and stakeholders is strategically critical for DRBC. The Commission must seek and obtain public and stakeholder input to successfully execute its mission to manage, protect and improve the Basin’s water resources. The Commission must also obtain input and provide outreach to support the Basin’s diverse population and geography on relevant water resource issues. 

This senior management level position will have accountability for developing, maintaining and leveraging DRBC’s relationships with key stakeholders including governments, elected officials, overburdened communities, academia, industry and non-government organizations. In addition, this position will be responsible for the development and implementation of the Commission's external and internal communications and outreach strategy and objectives. The Director will lead efforts to develop communications plans and implement a broad range of outreach and inclusion activities.

As part of the public relationship, the position will also be responsible for on-site and off-site security to ensure that public facing activities are conducted in an openly in safe, business-like and orderly manner.


  • Analyze, develop and execute effective communications and external affairs strategies to support and advance the mission of the DRBC.

  • Manage external communications output.

  • Work with media outlets to publish timely Commission information, such as press releases, brochures, reports and other materials.
  • Ensure communication strategy is consistent and reflects the Commission’s strategic plan including its diversity, equity, inclusion and justice goals.

  • Develop and execute varied and integrated communications products including compelling narratives, website content, print publications, newsletters, online communications, media and public relations.
  • Develop, manage and implement social media strategies.

  • Develop, manage and implement community service and engagement strategies and activities.

  • Refine core messaging to ensure organizational consistency in all aspects of communication including development, organizing and education.

  • Manage and improve relationships with the Commissioner member government offices and member government agencies to support and advance the Commission’s work plan and mission.      

  • Manage and support formal internal communications efforts.

  • Advocate on behalf of the commission with external stakeholders and the media across all communication channels and vehicles.

  • Coordinate events (other than Business Meetings) to support external affairs strategies.

  • Develop and enhance meaningful relationships with strategic and targeted audiences to support and advance the Commission’s work plan and mission.
  • Ensure office and event security at all public events such as hearings, commission meetings, etc.

  • Manage direct reports to meet department and Commission goals.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Political Sciences or other discipline that can support the position responsibilities.

  • Master’s degree or certification in area of expertise preferred.


  • Senior level experience in an externally facing role.

  • Strong teamwork, research and analytical skills, and interpersonal skills.
  • Record of building and maintaining collaborative relationships.
  • Record of contributions to organizational diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

  • Strong general management and project management experience.

  • Excellent written, oral and presentation communication skills.

  • Competent at computing and web based skills relevant to the job.

  • Knowledge or ability to learn security protocol.

Instructions for Applicants

  • Applicant must be authorized to work lawfully in the United States.

  • Send resume with cover letter via email to: jobs@drbc.gov

  • Deadline to Apply: 4 p.m., Tuesday, August 17, 2021

  • EOE