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Aquatic Life Designated Use Study - DRAFT Analysis of Attainability (September 2022)

Study Background

In 2017, the Commissioners directed DRBC staff to complete an analysis of attainability to inform the regulatory process of upgrading aquatic life designated uses and criteria for the Delaware River Estuary. The directive emphasized the importance of using a collaborative process informed by technical studies and specialized scientific and engineering expertise.

The study seeks to determine the attainability of an improved designated use of fish propagation (i.e., reproduction and juvenile development) in a 38-mile stretch of the Delaware River Estuary around Philadelphia, Camden & Wilmington. Currently, this section of river has a designated use of maintenance (i.e. survival of resident fish and the ability for migratory species to pass through).

NEW! DRAFT Analysis of Attainability (AA): September 2022

The DRAFT AA and several supporting draft reports are now available:


  • Describes the results of studies performed with a state-of-the-art hydrodynamic and water quality model, showing the DO improvements to be achieved when ammonia effluent limits are reduced and identifies the highest attainable dissolved oxygen condition, or HADO.

  • Determines that DO levels are most impacted by summer ammonia loads from nine point sources (Philadelphia Water Department's Southwest, Southeast and Northeast wastewater treatment plants and the plants operated by Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority, City of Wilmington, Gloucester County Utilities Authority, Hamilton Township, DELCORA and Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority).

  • Summarizes the results of cost and affordability evaluations for reducing ammonia discharges to the Delaware River Estuary.

  • Recommends steps for achieving the HADO.

  • Recommends that the Commission initiate a rulemaking process, as outlined in Resolution No. 2017-4, to revise the designated aquatic life uses and develop water quality criteria to support those uses.

Next Steps

  • The DRAFT AA and its supporting documents will continue to be discussed at future WQAC meetings.

  • The DRBC will initiate a public rulemaking process on revised designated uses and associated water quality criteria and an implementation strategy. All stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide their input and perspectives.
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