Water Quality Advisory Committee (WQAC)
Resolution 2003-8

NO. 2003-8

A RESOLUTION to continue the Water Quality Advisory Committee.

WHEREAS, in developing policy on matters relating to water quality and pollution prevention, control and abatement, the Commission has a continuing need for the advice of individuals and organizations within the Basin that have applicable experience and expertise and an interest in the Commission’s actions; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Delaware River Basin Commission:

  1. The Water Quality Advisory Committee (“committee”) is hereby continued for a period of eight years, retroactively commencing on February 1, 2003. It shall terminate on January 1, 2011 unless renewed or extended prior thereto.
  2. In accordance with Resolution No. 99-26, the committee shall consist of nine (9) members appointed by the executive director. Five (5) of the members shall be selected by the commissioners, with each state commissioner naming one member from the agency charged with primary responsibility for water pollution prevention and control within his or her state, and the federal commissioner naming one member from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Four members shall be selected from among the following stakeholder categories, based upon recommendations of the commissioners or with their concurrence:

    Environmental Professionals - 1
    Academia/Science - 1
    Regulated Community - 2

  3. Each member of the committee may appoint an alternate to represent him or her and vote in his or her absence.
  4. The committee shall develop recommendations for consideration by the Commission with respect to policy and technical matters of water quality and pollution prevention, control and abatement within the Basin.
  5. The committee shall organize for the conduct of its business and may choose a chairman and vice-chairman, each for a term of one year. Each member of the committee shall have one vote. No recommendation shall be made by the committee unless a majority of the members (i.e., five members) shall vote in favor thereof. Dissenting members shall have the option of preparing and filing a minority report for consideration by the Commission.
  6. The committee shall work with the Commission staff to ensure its recommendations are compatible with other Commission activities. Minutes, committee recommendations and committee reports other than minority reports shall be prepared by staff and committee members as appropriate and transmitted to the commissioners through the executive director.
  7. Commission staff shall participate in committee meetings but shall not vote. Staff shall be free to endorse or disagree with specific recommendations through staff reports. Commission staff shall arrange meetings of the committee in consultation with the committee chair, distribute reports to members and staff as appropriate, and lend technical assistance within its resources.
  8. Each member of the committee shall utilize the technical resources at his or her disposal to assist the committee and shall coordinate with other agencies including, but not limited to, fish and wildlife agencies and programs. The executive director may invite other knowledgeable persons to attend each meeting to provide advice on specific issues.

This Resolution shall take effect immediately.


/s/ John Hines
John Hines, Chairman pro tem



/s/ Pamela M. Bush
Pamela M. Bush, Esq., Commission Secretary

ADOPTED: March 19, 2003