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State of the Delaware River Basin 2008

In December 2008, DRBC published the first State of the Delaware River Basin Report, which serves as a benchmark of current environmental conditions in the Delaware River Basin and provides a platform for measuring and reporting future progress.

DRBC News Release (12/5/08)

The report provides a baseline analysis to help answer the question, Are things better or worse in the Delaware River Basin?

Please note that these are low-resolution files designed to be viewed online.

Cover and Introduction (pdf 3 MB)

Category 1 - Basin Hydrology (pdf 2.7 MB)

Category 2 - Water Quality (pdf 2.5 MB)*

Category 3 - Living Resources (pdf 1.5 MB)

Category 4 - Landscape (pdf 1.5 MB)

Summary of Conditions and Recommendations (pdf 376 KB)

View Entire Report as One Large File - Single Page Format (pdf 19 MB; good for printing)*

View Entire Report as One Large File - Two-Page Spread Format (pdf 13 MB; shows report's appearance as published)*

* Please note that page 40 in the report has been revised: the unit of measurement for PCB criteria was incorrectly referenced as ppb (parts per billion) when the correct unit of measure is ppt (parts per trillion).

State of the Basin Summary Brochure (pdf 707 KB)

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