Water Quality: Delaware Estuary

Delaware Estuary Aquatic Life Designated Use Study & Related Water Quality Reports:


Contaminants of Emerging Concern:

Ambient Toxicity:

PCBs and other Toxic Pollutants:

Related to Oil Spills:

Monitoring Reports:


Water Quality: Non-Tidal Delaware River & Tributaries

Special Protection Waters:

Aquatic Species/In-Stream Needs:

Natural Gas Development:


Water Quality: Basin-wide

Water Quality Assessments

Water Quality Programs Overview




Water Resource Planning: Water Supply & Water Use

DRBC Water Resources Program:

DRBC Water Use Reports:

DRBC Groundwater Reports:

DRBC Storage Study:

DRBC State of the Basin Reports:

DRBC Planning Documents:

Water Audit Reporting:


Water Resource Operations: Hydrology, Flow Management & Climate Change

Hydrologic Reports

Drought & Flow Management

Flood Mitigation

Climate Change/Sea Level Rise

DRBC Basis and Background Documents

These publications are developed by DRBC staff in conjunction with DRBC rulemakings. 

PCB Rulemaking - the DRBC approved the PCB criteria revision on 12/4/13. View approved resolution (pdf 20 KB).

pH Rulemaking - the DRBC approved the pH criteria revision on 12/4/13. View approved resolution (pdf 14 KB). 

Toxic Pollutants - the DRBC approved the criteria revision on 12/8/10. View approved resolution (pdf 75 KB).


Paper copies of publications may be requested by contacting the commission (a fee for copying and associated labor costs may apply).