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Long Range Facilities Plan Information

New! Please email all LRFP documents and questions to (DO NOT use the email address for LRFP issues or include project application documents with LRFP submissions.)


  • Please be sure to review the LRFP Major Amendment Guidelines prior to submission. All approval issues and remedies are described. Common errors preventing approval that are not cited on the Data Check Report include:
    • A lack of coordination between the existing schools represented in the LRFP system and the New Jersey School Directory;
    • A lack of coordination between the proposed enrollments entered in the LRFP system and one projection year (three to five years in the future) from the enrollment projection submitted as a supporting document; and
    • The association of a district-wide asset, such as an administrative building, or a vacant or offline facility with a school.
  • The Cohort Survival Worksheet has been updated to include the 2020-21 school in the historic enrollments. Enrollment projections that do not include the 2020-21 school in the historic enrollments will not be accepted for LRFP reporting requirements.

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LRFP Amendment Requirements

School districts are required to amend their LRFP at least once every five years and to coordinate with project applications. Major amendments to comply with five-year reporting requirements include updates on the web-based LRFP reporting system and the email submission of supporting documents. Minor amendments to plans approved within the last five years, typically to coordinate with project applications, only require the submission of supporting documents if inventory updates (site, assets, rooms) are not required.

For a Major Amendment: Refer to the LRFP Major Amendment Guidelines (PDF) for guidance concerning reporting requirements, LRFP system operational issues, and critical data checks noted in the LRFP Submission Data Check Report. This document should be carefully reviewed prior to amending and submitting a LRFP to the Department for review.

For a Minor Amendment: Compete and submit the LRFP Minor Amendment Instructions and Request Form (PDF), along with required supporting documents and LRFP website updates, if the district wishes to make capital maintenance and/or minor inventory adjustments to a LRFP approved within last five years. It is recommended that districts submit a minor amendment with all anticipated capital maintenance projects each year.

Major and minor amendment submissions are considered complete and ready for DOE review after all required supporting documents are emailed to The status of the LRFP in the LRFP system is no longer used to indicate submission or approval status. Do not email documents until all updates are completed in the LRFP system. Do not email partial supporting document submissions.

Enrollments and the Cohort-Survival Enrollment Projection

Existing and historic enrollments and a standard cohort-survival enrollment projection are no longer updated in the LRFP reporting system. Therefore, all references to existing or historic enrollments in the LRFP system and system-generated reports should be disregarded, and districts must include a standard cohort-survival enrollment projection using the Department’s template as part of the LRFP major amendment submission.
Download the Cohort Survival Worksheet (MS Excel) to access the standard cohort-survival enrollment projection template.

  • Districts may use either Application for School State Aid (ASSA) reports or NJ Smart data for the historic enrollments.
  • Births by municipality are available on the New Jersey Department of Health, Health Assessment Data webpage.

A district administrator may request a completed projection template by emailing the Office of School Facilities Planning.
The completed template must be submitted as a supporting document in conjunction with a LRFP major amendment, and enrollments in the selected projection year must be entered in the “Proposed Enrollments” row in the Enrollment section of the LRFP system. Refer to LRFP Major Amendment Guidelines for additional guidance concerning the completion of the enrollment projection and LRFP system data entry requirements. See Part E: Identifying District Enrollments for LRFP reporting system instructions.
It is highly recommended that districts contact Susan Kutner, Director of the Office of School Facilities Planning prior to exploring alternative projection methodologies. If an alternative projection methodology is proposed, the standard cohort survival enrollment projection using the DOE’s template is still required.

Accessing the LRFP Reporting System

The web-based LRFP Reporting System can be accessed at

A district administrator should email the Office of School Facilities Planning if a username and/or password is needed to access the LRFP system. Include the district name and county in the email. 

LRFP system access information is only provided to a district administrator. Each district is responsible for creating additional user accounts for consultant use. The district should refer to the District Administrator Instructions (PDF) for guidance on managing user access to the LRFP reporting system.

Only Internet Explorer (IE) can be used to access the LRFP reporting system, and only versions 10 and below are fully supported.

If a blank page appears when accessing the website with IE:

  • Open a new webpage.
  • Go to “tools” and click “compatibility view.”
  • Go to “compatibility view settings” and add “” to the websites.
  • Go to “internet options” and select the “advanced” tab.
  • Confirm “accelerated graphics” > “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” is checked.
  • Close and then reopen IE, and log into the LRFP system again.

Using the LRFP Reporting System

If data in the LRFP reporting system cannot be edited (text appears grey and records cannot be edited), the LRFP is “locked.” To have a LRFP’s data unlocked for editing, complete and email the LRFP System Data Unlocking Request Form (PDF) to the Office of School Facilities Planning.

The following documents provide step by step guidance for using the LRFP reporting system. It is recommended that the LRFP Major Amendment Guidelines (PDF)be reviewed first for an overview of LRFP amendment requirements and the most recent information concerning the functionality of the LRFP reporting system.

LRFP Approvals

LRFP Final Determination Reports for each district are available.

Please email the Office of School Facilities Planning if you believe a district’s most recent LRFP Amendment approval is not posted. In some cases, Final Determination Reports cannot be updated if not posted at time of issuance due to file accessibility issues.

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