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Early Childhood Program

Our children in the Early Childhood Program learn in a warm and caring atmosphere that is both nurturing and goal-oriented. Our Teachers of the Deaf staffing this program are also certified in Early Childhood Education .  The program serves children from ages three to five, focusing on the development of the whole child.

The curriculum includes pre-academic and reading readiness skills, math, social studies, science, social skills, and practical life (self-help) skills. The students also are exposed to the arts, literature, and music. 

During the preschool years, children engage in the learning process in different ways. Each child develops their own unique learning style. Our program enables each child to develop and acquire the pre-academic skills necessary for success. 

Our bilingual philosophy, utilizing both English and American Sign Language in instruction, provides our students access to all aspects of learning through both the visual and auditory learning channels. Our Speech and Language program includes: auditory training, speech reading, speech production, articulation, and communication skills. Speech therapy is provided in both individual and group settings. 

A key component for language and communication skill development in the young child is the additional exposure to language modeling by our Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing staff members. The children leave our program with the skills that will enable them to be successful learners and ready for the challenges of the Elementary School Program. 

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