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COVID-19 is still active.   Wear a mask.  Social distance.  Stay up to date on vaccine information.
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Campus Life

Katzenbach is the only residential school for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in New Jersey that provides overnight programming Monday through Thursday in a linguistically rich environment using direct communication. Independent living skills, group discussions on current issues and time management are part of the everyday experiences of our students in the residential program. Day students can participate in the residential program’s activities through the Extended Day Program by the provision of a late bus, or residential placement for the length of the activity.  These arrangements are made by the parent or guardian with the student’s case manager through the IEP process.

An essential component of the residential program is the Educational Resource Center (ERC). Certified Teachers of the Deaf and the Residential Staff provide tutoring and guided study time every day. ERC services provided to our students are an integral part of our students’ success. Encouraging a strong connection between ERC staff and teachers, there is constant communication to ensure that all students are prepared with the tools to be successful learners. 

The Educational Resource Center is located in the Colts Library Educational Resource Center (CLERC) building. The staff provides services to Katzenbach’s students Monday through Thursday, 3PM to 9:30PM. 

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