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NJQSAC User Manual

The NJQSAC regulations were readopted in November 2017.   The NJDOE created the NJQSAC User Manual to ensure that there is clarity in the requirements of the DPR, simplification in the process, and alignment in expectations for a reliable and valid implementation of NJQSAC across all twenty-one counties.  The user manual is intended to increase transparency in expectations and mutual accountability among districts and the offices in the NJDOE that support them.

Under NJQSAC, school districts are evaluated in five key component areas of school district effectiveness:  instruction and program, personnel, fiscal management, operations, and governance.  These performance areas are reviewed to determine the extent to which school districts are providing a thorough and efficient education. The weighted quality performance indicators in each of these five areas are used to measure school district performance to determine the extent to which school districts are providing a thorough and efficient education.

District Performance Review Areas

As part of the comprehensive review to ensure a thorough and efficient education for all students by NJQSAC, each public school district shall complete a District Performance Review (DPR), which consists of a self-assessment tool that measures the public school district’s compliance with the weighted quality performance indicators in the five identified areas of school district effectiveness. N.J.A.C. 6A:30.

  1. Instruction and Program
  2. Fiscal Management
  3. Governance
  4. Operations
  5. Personnel

To assist districts in completing the District Performance Review (DPR), the Department is providing these tools:

Facilities Checklist

All districts must also complete the "Health and Safety Evaluation of School Buildings Checklist" (Facilities Checklist).Please read the Checklist Instructions before completing the Facilities Checklist. Maintain the completed Facilities Checklists within the district unless instructed otherwise by your County Office. Submit to the county office of education annually, by January 30, the Statement of Assurance that the district has completed the Health and Safety Evaluation of School Building Checklist for every school building in the district. The Facilities Checklist is part of the NJQSAC Fiscal Review.

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