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The New Jersey Dental Clinic Directory provides a central source of information on public dental clinics and services in New Jersey. These clinic services are primarily provided by local health departments, hospitals and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

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Children's Oral Health

The Children’s Oral Health Education Program is administered by the New Jersey Department of Health. Program activities take place throughout the State with emphasis in areas of high need/high risk.
The Program provides a variety of interactive education activities and resources including the following:

  • Age-appropriate school-based oral health education programs conducted by dental professionals in both live and virtual formats
  • Education for school-age children includes oral health topics such as good oral hygiene practices, prevention of oral injury, tobacco cessation and importance of regular dental check-ups
  • Education resources for school nurses including the "Miles of Smiles" newsletter and "Franny Flossisaurus" and "Mr. Gross Mouth" teaching kits
  • Oral health education for participants in the Women, Infants, and Children Supplemental Food Program (WIC)
  • Oral health education and training for non-dental professionals, community health workers, and community groups

The Children's Oral Health Program does not provide dental care services, but maintains a list of facilities and programs that provide these services.  This information can be found in the New Jersey "Dial A Smile" Dental Clinic Directory.

Last Reviewed: 6/10/2024